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Halle Berry Opens Up About Teaching Her 5-Year-Old Son Acceptance During Pride Month

This past weekend was the LA Pride Festival and Parade, an annual celebration of the LGBTQ+ community. While there for the premiere of documentary 5B, Halle Berry talked about teaching her son Maceo acceptance — and why she wants him to experience as much as possible for himself. Berry has two children: 5-year-old Maceo Robert Martinez from her 2013 to 2016 marriage to French actor Olivier Martinez, and 11-year-old Nahla Ariela Aubry from her five-year relationship with model Gabriel Aubry. Berry has previously spoken about how parenting after the age of 40 allows you to “put your kids forward” in a “more meaningful way” — and judging from these quotes, she’s doing just that when it comes to raising Maceo.

In an exclusive interview with Us Weekly at LA Pride, the 52-year-old actress opened up about her parenting philosophy. “My job is to bring [Maceo] down here, let him experience the love, the unity and discover on his own what this is all about,” she offered. “I think that’s what my job is. It’s not to mind-lead, it’s to lead an experience.” Berry doesn’t want to “explain” anything to her son: She wants him to “make up his own mind and … develop his own sensibilities.”

To that end, Berry had Maceo with her at the Pride event and posted photos of her son enjoying the day to her Instagram story. “Little man enjoying some fun in the sun,” she captioned a photo of Maceo waving a rainbow flag. It’s certainly important to Berry that her son be accepting and supportive of the community — but she believes that he’ll make that judgement for himself. “My job is to expose him to all walks of life, and to all people,” she shared with Us WeeklyThe rest, she implies, is up to Maceo.

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