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Meryl Streep Is the New HBIC of Big Little Lies & the Internet Is Living for It

There was not one single moment wasted on the Big Little Lies season 2 premiere on Sunday night as we returned to Monterey to deal with the aftermath of Celeste, Madeline, Renata, Jane and Bonnie following the death of Perry Wright. While the entire episode was juicy as hell, the best Big Little Lies season two premiere moments involved Meryl Streep, the newest addition to the team. As Perry’s mother, Mary Louise Wright, Streep‘s entrance was bold, making clear to the Monterey Fie that she wanted answers.

We better keep an eye on Mary Louise in season two because this woman is ready to strike you dead with the kindest insults known to man. Streep’s first scene as Mary Louise was focused on Mary Louise meeting Madeline for the first time. During their conversation, Mary Louise shaded Madeline to high heaven, calling her “very short” and saying she finds “little people to be untrustworthy.” Damn. That is brutal, but we’re kind of living for it?

If anything, this scene makes it clear these two will not be getting along and furthermore, Madeline will likely do whatever it takes to keep Mary Louise from learning the truth about her son’s death.

Mary Louise’s first Big Little Lies scene quickly grabbed the attention of viewers, who had to hop on Twitter to react to watching a shade queen being born. Immediate connections were made to another of Streep’s shadiest characters, Miranda Priestly from The Devil Wears Prada, while others reacted to Mary Louise absolutely shredding Madeline over her height for no apparent reason.

Another of Streep’s scenes as Mary Louise was beyond incredible. In the scene, Mary Louise, Celeste, and Celeste and Perry’s sons are having dinner. Mary Louise is recounting a recent incident where she saw a friend’s adult son out in public, and she was jealous that this apparently mediocre man got to live his boring life while her incredible, wonderful, flawless (in her opinion) son was dead and gone. She told her grandsons that the sight of this average man got her all worked up and she screamed, proceeding to literally scream at the dinner table to show how she is not going to let go of Perry’s death any time soon.

Mary Louise’s dinner table scream was immediately set to go viral and Twitter acted accordingly. Some fans gave her a shoutout for managing to secure her spot at the Emmys 2020 table with the scream while others whipped up some truly incredible jokes and memes about it. Feast your eyes on the glorious reactions below.

Whew, I need a moment to breathe, y’all!

Streep was only on screen for a few scenes, but her impact as Mary Louise was certainly felt. It’s easy to understand why Mary Louise is so openly and ferociously mourning the death of her son (that’s rough stuff), but we’re curious to know if she had any idea Perry was an abusive monster who made Celeste’s life hell. Any Big Little Lies fan will tell you that Perry’s death was justified even if it was shocking. We’ll be curious to know if Mary Louise ever sees it that way, too. Of course, we’re also sweating over whether or not Mary Louise will actually discover the truth about what happened to Perry and how she’ll go after the women if she does indeed go after them.

Buckle up because the Mary Louise Wright Reign of Terror is just beginning.

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