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Brad Pitt Is Reportedly Threatening Angelina Jolie with Fines for ‘Dragging Out’ Their Divorce

In 2016, the era of Brangelina came crashing to an end. But almost three years later, the divorce is still not yet finalized —  and a source claims that’s not a mutual decision. Brad Pitt gave Angelina Jolie a divorce ultimatum to sign the papers or risk being hit with fines, a ccording to a new report from The Sun. Apparently, Pitt believes that Jolie has been intentionally stalling the process and has grown increasingly frustrated over the years. By taking new legal action and imposing these fines, he hopes to put an end to the matter once and for all.

Let’s take a brief walk down memory lane: Pitt and Jolie infamously met on the set of Mr & Mrs. Smith in 2005 (as you might recall, Pitt was still with Jennifer Aniston at the time). The pair didn’t marry until 2014 — and Jolie filed for divorce just two years later. As of April 2019, the pair filed a bifurcated judgment in their divorce, which ends the marriage and renders both parties legally single. The judgment does not, however, finalize their divorce: agreements regarding custody and assets are being negotiated separately, and their court case was extended until the end of 2019.

When it comes to these negotiations, Pitt is reportedly struggling to get Jolie’s cooperation, with a source claiming to The Sun back in April that Jolie was deliberately delaying negotiations because she wanted Pitt back. “Brad has consistently kept his mouth shut because all he cares about is his kids,” the source shared. “Angelina is making it horrendous for him and drawing out the process, but it’s not going to make him consider going back. He just wants it all settled.” According to the source, Pitt had no interest in a romantic relationship, but was determined to keep things cordial for the sake of the six children.

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Now, however, a new source claims to The Sun that Pitt’s patience is wearing thin. The actor has allegedly asked his legal team to impose a strict deadline by which Jolie must sign the divorce papers, with a fee structure in place should she fail to do so. “He has been incredibly patient throughout the divorce process despite being pushed to his limits on many occasions,” the source claims. “But he’s finally had enough, and while he is a relatively calm person, he can only be pushed so far.”

The source maintains that Jolie is — to some extent — delaying the divorce intentionally, whether in hopes of reconciliation or otherwise. “He’s sick and tired of [her] constantly moving the goal posts and stalling their divorce month after month — painfully dragging out the process which he now feels has become almost a game for Angelina,” the source, who is reportedly “close” to Pitt, shares. “He wants to move on with his life and stop having the divorce hanging over his head.”

We may never know exactly what went on in this marriage (or this divorce), but as always, it’s important to think of the children. Pitt and Jolie have agreed on shared custody, but the longer proceedings drag out, the more likely it will remain contentious between the two. For the sake of their family, we hope they agree on things soon — whether it’s prompted by an ultimatum or otherwise.


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