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Why Meghan & Harry Won’t Choose William & Kate to Be Baby Archie’s Godparents

Since baby Archie was born, rumors have been swirling non-stop about who his royal parents will pick as godparents. While Prince William and Kate Middleton have been fan favorites for the role, a royal correspondent claims that Meghan Markle and Prince Harry snubbed William and Kate as baby Archie’s godparents. The christening itself likely won’t take place for several more months, but correspondent Victoria Arbiter told podcast “The Windsors” that other members of the royal family have a better chance of snagging the godparent title.

According to Arbiter, “William won’t be a godparent because he is the uncle. It’s the same reason why Harry wasn’t a godparent to Charlotte, Louis and George.” That makes a good amount of sense: Whether or not Harry offers his brother an additional title, he’s cemented as an important family member in Archie’s life. As for who could replace William and Kate as Archie’s royal godparents, Arbiter’s bets are on Princess Eugenie. “Eugenie and Harry have always been close,” Arbiter claims, “and I think Eugenie was especially grateful that Fergie was included in the royal wedding. She wasn’t invited to William and Kate’s wedding.” She also notes that Harry and Eugenie’s mothers, Princess Diana and Sarah Ferguson, shared a “close friendship” — making Harry that much closer to his cousin growing up.

Arbiter also mentions that Meghan and Harry could choose friends to become additional godparents (as a reminder, royal babies have upward of five godparents). She believes that anyone whose children were involved in Meghan and Harry’s wedding could be contenders for the role, including Jessica Mulroney — Meghan’s close friend and bridesmaid, whose three children each played a role in the wedding as well. She also mentions Harry’s godchildren, suggesting that Harry might return the godparent favor to parents like Zara and Mike Tindall (Princess Anne’s daughter and her husband). The key here, Arbiter suggests, will be friends “who have proven their loyalty and “been there through thick and thin.”

Whoever they choose — and frankly, Meghan and Harry seem like they have plenty of friends who meet that description — baby Archie is sure to be surrounded by godparents who love him. (And six or seven of them, at that!)

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