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Irina Shayk Reportedly Moved Out Of Bradley Cooper’s House Amid Breakup Rumors

Just this week, news broke of trouble brewing in Bradley Cooper and Irina Shayk’s relationship. Those rumors have now been taken a step further, with a source claiming that Irina Shayk moved out of Bradley Cooper’s house in Los Angeles. Neither party has commented on the state of their relationship, but fans of the actor are eager as ever to romantically link Cooper with his A Star is Born co-star Lady Gaga and suggest this was the reason for Cooper’s split from Shayk. While the media had seemed cautiously optimistic about the state of this four-year relationship earlier, The Sun’s report of Shayk moving out has confirmed our worst fears.

The first rumors of trouble in their relationship came from a Page Six exclusive, which reported that the couple was “hanging by a thread” and “only staying together because of their daughter.” (Cooper and Shayk share a child together: two-year-old Lea De Seine.) Another source for Entertainment Tonight said that “Bradley and Irina have been unhappy in their relationship for some time and have tried to make it work,” adding: “They both want the best for their daughter, but seem to be coming to terms with the fact that staying together might not be for the best.”

While the idea of an affair between Cooper and Lady Gaga remains totally baseless, ET’s source did mention that Cooper’s “dedication to the work” while filming A Star Is Born “only made things harder at home.” The movie was Cooper’s passion project: He produced, directed and starred in the film, and it’s easy to imagine he didn’t have much time for his home life. According to The Sun’s source, Shayk felt “it would be best if she moved into her own place” and has left their Pacific Palisades mansion. “Things are cooling off between Bradley and Irina in a big way,” The Sun’s source adds. “It’s not looking like there’s much long left for the two of them together.”

Shayk was spotted out with daughter Lea yesterday, laughing and playing in the park — and, as Marie Claire notes, not wearing what some have speculated to be an engagement ring. This may or may not be meaningful, as Shayk has been spotted without the ring before. Typically, she doesn’t wear the ring at fancy events, so given that this was a casual day at the park, Marie Claire thinks there could be cause for concern.

Either way, Shayk moving out of their shared home is decidedly a negative turn in their relationship. Cooper seems to be in Malibu with a friend at the moment — which, if it was done to give Shayk privacy while clearing out her things, is a respectful gesture. Let’s hope the couple can keep things civil with whatever happens next, if for no other reason than keeping Lea’s home life as normal as possible. And to everyone suggesting Lady Gaga had something to do with this: just stop.

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