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Beyoncé’s Side-Eye at Jay-Z for Chatting with Another Woman Is Twitter’s Whole Mood

Last night was a casual date night for Beyoncé and Jay-Z, which of course meant courtside tickets to Game 3 of the NBA Finals. And this morning, all Twitter can talk about is a 13-second video of the Carters’ interaction with Nicole Lacob, wife of Warriors majority owner Joe Lacob. In the video, Nicole appears to lean over Beyoncé to talk to Jay-Z — and judging from the look Beyoncé shoots her a minute later, she doesn’t care for that at all. Given Beyoncé’s candor about her past marital issues (not to mention that infamous elevator fight), the Beyhive is wasting no time in making their feelings known on Twitter.

For some fans, the idea of sitting next to Beyoncé and trying to talk to Jay-Z instead was scandalous enough. “Can you imagine sitting next to Beyoncé.. and not trying to talk to BEYONCÉ instead?” alaina writes on Twitter. “Who in their right mind would rather talk to Jay-Z than Beyoncé,” another tweet concurs, while a third declares: “Being next to Beyoncé and talking to Jay is homophobic.”

Other tweets are praising Beyoncé for handling the invasion of her personal space with such grace, noting that Beyoncé subtly re-adjusts her body to prevent the woman from leaning over again after.

Finally, others are simply aghast at the woman’s rudeness: for talking to Beyoncé’s “man” while ignoring the singer herself, for leaning over like that and for generally disrespecting Beyoncé’s presence. To be fair, it does look like a somewhat rude interaction and a slightly uncomfortable moment for Beyoncé. But some of Twitter’s objection is based on understanding how viciously the Beyhive can attack — and that’s not something we should celebrate. “Previously unknown rich person violates Beyoncé’s private space at NBA finals,” Jezebel quips, implying that Beyoncé’s fans will now make it their business to track this woman down. It may not have been Nicole Lacob’s finest moment, but we sincerely hope she doesn’t have further backlash. And we think Beyoncé would agree.

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