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Prince Harry’s Friend Claims He’s Been ‘Pushed Out’ Because of Meghan Markle

Inquiring minds need to know: At what point is Meghan Markle going to catch a break? It seems like the poor Duchess of Sussex has to deal with undue drama every day — the latest of which is reportedly Prince Harry’s friends feuding with Meghan Markle. For what reason, you wonder? Well, according to one source, some of Harry’s boys feel like their friend’s new bride has edged them out of the prince’s social circle.

As first reported by the U.K.’s Express, TV personality Lizzie Cundy is responsible for this particular rumor, which basically boils down to Meghan “ruling the roost” where Harry and his friends are concerned. “One thing I have heard is — because I’m friend with a lot of Harry’s friends, one is a very close friend — is that [Meghan] has pushed them all out,” Cundy said while speaking to talkRADIO. That one close friend Cundy mentioned is apparently pretty out of sorts about the whole situation, too. “He was a really good, solid friend — covered for [Harry], everything,” Cundy told the radio station, insisting, “He has been elbowed right out.”

FWIW, it merits mentioning that Cundy is in the process of promoting her new book. Also, in the same interview, Cundy describes Meghan as a onetime friend she claims basically ghosted her. So, a few ulterior motives for going on the air might have been at play.

Still, this isn’t the first time a source has implied that Harry’s old friends aren’t fond of the Duchess of Sussex. In May, as part of the CBS documentary Meghan and Harry Plus One, biographer Angela Levin offered insight into why some people in Harry’s world don’t like Meghan. “I think she’s not popular in a lot of circles often because they adore Harry and they seem to think she’s running the show,” suggested Levin.

But, c’mon, this is a total cop-out. It’s something people tend to say when a woman is strong, outspoken and not afraid to fight for the things she believes in — including her family and what she feels is best for them. None of us really know what sort of drama is brewing behind the scenes between Meghan and Harry’s friends, or if there is any at all. If there is drama and it has played out in the way Cundy claims, well, we’d wager there’s more to the story. After all, Harry and Meghan are a global power couple with a newborn baby who, you know, work to make the world a better place in their spare time. It could be as simple as Harry not having as much time to hang with his old Eton Hall buddies anymore.

Spoiler alert, though? That’s normal, bruh. People grow up. Maybe this “close friend” of Cundy’s should give it the proverbial college try.

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