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Fans Rally Behind Kit Harington’s Wife Rose Leslie After Tabloid Report Sparks Outcry

With news of Game of Thrones star Kit Harington recently checking in rehab, it seems that the actor’s fans have strong feelings about how his wife Rose Leslie should be behaving during this time. Daily Mail reported earlier today that Leslie was out with friends at All Points East music festival in London, including photos of the actress laughing and holding a drink. Between the inflammatory headline (“Rose Leslie giggles with her friends as she lets her hair down at UK music festival amid husband Kit Harington’s rehab battle”) and the article’s contents, the report seems to have struck a chord with those tempted to take this as evidence that Leslie lacks empathy for her husband’s struggle. Social media, however, has rallied in Leslie’s favor, rejecting the unrealistic demands placed on her during this trying time.

Comments on the original Daily Mail piece include the following: “What a vile woman. She has no empathy for her hubby who is literally fighting for his life at the moment;” “She’s already out on the town looking for a new husband;” and “Wow! Why is she laughing? Doesn’t she care about Kit?” Negative tweets about the situation echo this sentiment, mocking other outlets’ characterization of Leslie as a supportive wife or being “by her husband’s side.”

Those defending Leslie have pointed out that the actress is under a great deal of personal stress, and that it’s cruel to expect her to be in “24/7” mourning because her husband is checked into a facility.

“I don’t know a damn thing about rose leslie or her relationship with kit but some of y’alls hatred for women is showing,” sage writes on Twitter. “She’s allowed to have a life and ya know, laugh. she doesn’t have to be locked in a room crying over kit 24/7 to be a supportive wife. stop hating women 2k19.” Sage also points out — as does Twitter user jenna — that Harington is likely “supportive” of his wife seeking out some much-needed relaxation. And further, it’s not exactly recommended to be in constant contact with one’s family while in a rehab facility: often, there’s actually a mandated period without contact.

In any event, we have to wonder what headline about Leslie would have satisfied those who feel that tending to her husband (while he’s not there) should be a full-time job. Leslie staring mournfully out a window, brushing away stray tears? It’s hard enough to be in the public eye while undergoing such a personal tragedy — we should celebrate the fact that she’s able to crack a smile given what’s going on, not shame her for it.

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