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Prince George Did the Sweetest Thing for His Parents & All of England Is Talking About It

When most of us think of the royal family, we think of pomp and circumstance. They are the dignified. The noble. The elite. But a new photo of Prince George carrying groceries for William and Kate Middleton proves they are also humble. They are human and down-to-Earth.

The picture, obtained by The Sun, shows the 5-year-old greeting Waitrose delivery staff alongside his father, Prince William. The young royal then grabs a bag and carries it inside… on his own. And while this may not seem like much — I carry groceries multiple times a week, and no one bats an eye — according to reports, this is unheard of for a royal.

“It is rare for anyone [royal or not] to ever offer to carry deliveries inside,” a source told The Sun. “The Waitrose delivery staff were surprised and delighted to be greeted regularly by Prince William and Prince George.”

This is not the first time Prince George has offered to help. The insider told The Sun, “George is always particularly helpful and is the one who asks each time what he can carry for them. He is a very inquisitive child.” If we’re being honest, we’re not surprised. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are open, kind and compassionate, and their gracious nature has clearly rubbed off on their children. I mean, these are the same parents who encourage family time, love, hugs and the importance of talking about your feelings. Prince William and Kate have been spearheading the Heads Together campaign since 2017.

Still, George’s act surprised many. News outlets across the globe are covering the “shocking” and “stunning” behavior. However, George’s helpful nature simply shows he is considerate, courteous and polite. It also shows that no task is too menial for the young royal to take on. So kudos, Prince George — and William and Kate; y’all are obviously doing something right. Now, if only I can get my 5-year-old to make her bed.

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