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Jessica Simpson Is a Breast Milk Pumpin’ Queen, & She’s Got the Pic to Prove It

Jessica Simpson is pumped up! Or should we say pumped out? On Thursday, the singer took to Instagram to share a snapshot of what’s currently taking up quite a bit of real estate in her freezer: breast milk, and lots of it. Simpson showed off a bountiful supply of filled bags ready and waiting to be thawed for her third child, 10-week-old baby girl Birdie Mae. It didn’t take long for Simpson’s pic to elicit awe from a few of her famous friends, including Jersey Shore alum Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi.

It isn’t lost on the singer that she probably has more than she can readily use at the moment. “I’m starting to think we should add breast milk to the Jessica Simpson Collection,” she joked, prompting her pals to weigh in. “Damn. Lucky you! I did NOT produce like that haha,” marveled podcast host and makeup artist Ashlee Malleo. Polizzi, a fellow new mom of three, jokingly pleaded, “Damn girl send me some booby milk vibes.”

The envy is understandable. Not everyone is fortunate enough to be able to produce liquid gold so prolifically, and there appear to be at least 20 bags in Simpson’s freezer drawers. The abundance of milk Simpson has stored could be indicative of oversupply, an important point considering so many women struggle to maintain a supply (and should not feel inadequate about it; remember, “fed is best”).

Sharing the breast milk photo is simply part of Simpson’s parenting style. Throughout all of her pregnancies and adventures in motherhood, she has always been honest — to the point of oversharing — with fans. In February, she hilariously confessed to breaking her toilet seat by leaning back on it with her pregnant bod. On April 19, she joked that her cheekbones were finally visible on her face again after her long pregnancy with Birdie. On May 9, she playfully poked fun at postpartum fitness and the “rubber corset” it took to keep everything where it’s supposed to be after, you know, giving birth to a whole human.

So, we’re not surprised Simpson was transparent about how much breast milk her body is pumping out these days. She never takes herself too seriously and, hey, it makes her that much more relatable to the rest of us.

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