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Prepare to Have Your Mind Blown by Reese Witherspoon’s Actual Net Worth

When it comes to art imitating life, there’s no better mirror of Reese Witherspoon’s life than that of her Big Little Lies character, Madeline Martha McKenzie. Just like Madeline, Witherspoon is a very cool working mom who knows how to get things done, from securing business deals to making the most of a night out with the girls. But the one way Madeline and Witherspoon are most similar is in the net worth department. That’s right: Witherspoon’s IRL net worth is so huge that she’s fit right in with Madeline and the rest of the well-to-do Monterey Five easy peasy.

Witherspoon’s net worth is not defined by just one job. In fact, she’s a multi-hyphenate badass who is constantly on the move. Not only does she act, but she’s a producer and a businesswoman. She’s not just running a family, she’s running major business operations, too. Seriously, when we get done breaking down all of Witherspoon’s income, your mind will be blown. Blown, I tell you!

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So, the primary source of Witherspoon’s income is her acting work. Witherspoon has been acting since the early ’90s which means she’s earned a spot on the A-list and commands a salary equivalent to that status. As Forbes reported last year, Witherspoon was one of the highest-paid actors in Hollywood after earning $16.5 million in 2018 alone, according to Forbes. Oh, Forbes also estimates she was paid $1 million per episode of BLL season two, which means she raked in $7 million for just this one acting gig in 2019. Witherspoon also reportedly makes around $15-20 million per movie.

Witherspoon’s upcoming acting gigs include Legally Blonde 3, Sing 2, a TV adaptation of Celeste Ng’s book Little Fires Everywhere and her Apple TV series with Jennifer Aniston and Steve Carell, The Morning Show. Ya girl is going to be making serious bank in the coming years, people.

There’s also buckets of money to be made as a producer, which Witherspoon knows all too well. Witherspoon is the head honcho over at production company Hello Sunshine. Although she claims she’s been self-funded and hasn’t made too much money from the company, her work to make sure Hello Sunshine’s impact is felt is major. The company inked a five-year deal in 2018 with AT&T to create a VOD channel, there’s a network of female-led podcasts under the Hello Sunshine umbrella, there’s a book club and even a Hello Sunshine speaking tour. We expect those efforts will begin to pay off handsomely in the coming years.

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There’s also her clothing and lifestyle brand, Draper James, and her endeavors as an author which could still earn her residual income. It’s unclear how much money she is making from these areas, but when a Draper James dress costs you $135, you can assume that Witherspoon is running a profitable AF company.

All told, Witherspoon’s reported net worth sits somewhere in the $150 million range — and that’s after taxes. Yeah, that means she’s making a hell of a lot more money before the tax man collects. Wow, I’ve never felt so poor in all my life.

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