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Reports Claim Meghan Markle Once Swapped Twitter DMs With Former Boy Bander

Even weeks out from giving birth to Baby Sussex, Meghan Markle is apparently not immune to the constant onslaught of snide comments and insinuations from the British media. This time, the story concerns Markle’s single days (before she’d ever met Prince Harry, let alone started dating him). According to The Sun, Markle “swapped tweets” with former boy bander Max George back in 2013 — possibly even around the same time that she swapped messages with a different British semi-celeb, X Factor winner Matt Cardle. In other words: back when Duchess of Sussex was single, she swapped messages online with a few British men while in the UK. Has The Sun never heard of online dating?

The Sun’s source doesn’t seem to have much intel beyond the fact that Markle allegedly made contact with both these men, and did so using Twitter. Following her 2013 split from actor and producer Trevor Engelson, Markle spent some time in the UK, during which these alleged Twitter dalliances occurred. Per The Sun’s source: “Meghan was reaching out to a number of celebrities in the UK as she spent more time there. Max was one of the biggest stars in pop music at the time and they connected on Twitter. They swapped a few messages and had a lovely conversation but in the end nothing came out of it — she met her husband soon after.”

Honestly, it’s hard to say why this is considered news, other than the tabloid’s dogged insistence on trying to make Markle look bad at any turn. The comment that she was “reaching out to a number of celebrities” seems both utterly unfounded and exclusively included to try and paint Markle as fame-hungry in the years before she met Harry. And the description of Markle at the time as “single and looking for a British man” is absolutely ludicrous, if not defamatory.

There’s also the question of why George is coming forward now, for which the source has a convenient answer: “Max had women reaching out to him all the time and didn’t remember much about it until Meghan’s relationship with Prince Harry,” the source shares. “It was a nice friendship and he wishes her well, but he hasn’t heard from her since Harry.” And there you have it — Markle once allegedly flirted with a good-looking British musician, and then did not contact him again after meeting her now-husband. Juicy stuff, The Sun: but seriously, leave Meghan alone.

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