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Adam Sandler Sets High Bat Mitzvah Bar With Adam Levine Performance

Bat mitzvahs are a big deal — especially when you happen to have Maroon 5 providing the entertainment. As Adam Sandler revealed on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, that’s exactly what his daughter Sadie got, all thanks to a text and a prayer sent out by her father. In a joint interview with Jennifer Aniston (who, for the record, was invited to the bat mitzvah but unable to attend), Sandler breaks down this rather spectacular bat mitzvah surprise, and how shocked he was to have pulled it off.

From the way Sandler tells it, he didn’t expect it to work out at all: “It was unbelievable. It was the nicest thing,” Sandler says to Kimmel. “The bat mitzvah is a big deal and all our friends were coming, and I was like… I didn’t even know why I did this, but I was like, I’d love to do something special for my daughter, I love her so much and blah, blah, blah.” The actor then decided to text Levine personally (who he says is a “great guy”), saying: ‘I’m sorry to do this to you. My kid’s getting bat mitzvahed Saturday night. Would you mind coming and singing a few tunes? It would be incredible.'”

Sandler maintains that he doesn’t know “why he did it:” but he does know that Levine responded immediately. The verdict? Levine “can’t say no” to Sandler. It all seems to have played out perfectly, down to the bat mitzvah location, which Levine apparently knew well. “I used to go there growing up. I went to a bunch of bar mitzvahs when I was a kid there. What songs do you want?” he apparently asked Sandler in response.

Levine performed a total of three songs at Sadie’s bat mitzvah, along with Maroon 5 guitarist James Valentine. On the show, Kimmel shared photos from the event, where Sadie is all smiles and gazing happily at Levine. Sandler calls the whole thing a “perfect night,” adding: “Oh, she hugged me so much, my Sadie.” Something tells us Sandler just set a high standard for bat mitzvahs in the family — and we’re sure that Sadie will be telling this story for years to come.

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