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Felicity Huffman’s Daughter Is Putting Off College As Family Awaits Admissions Scam Sentence

Earlier today, William H. Macy was gently ridiculed for walking around with “congrats grad” balloons for daughter Sofia’s high school graduation. Now, Entertainment Tonight has learned that Sofia will not be headed to college in the fall, as the family rallies around mother Felicity Huffman. Huffman, who pled guilty to charges of fraud and conspiracy in connection with the college admissions scandal, will receive her sentence this September. The specifics of Huffman’s legal misdoing include paying $15,000 to get Sofia’s SAT score inflated. ET‘s source says the family is spending lots of quality time ahead of Huffman’s sentencing, and attests that Huffman’s daughters, Sofia and 17-year-old Georgia, don’t hold their mother’s actions against her.

Here’s what ET‘s source had to say:

The family realizes Felicity might serve time and while they wait for the sentencing, they are taking it one day at a time and truly appreciating what they have. Their daughters are doing well and have tried to keep their routines and make the best of the end of the school year, and are making summer plans. They are definitely planning a lot of quality family time. The girls are very close to their mom and dad and have been sympathetic throughout. They will do anything they can to be there for their mother.

While Macy was given a hard time for those balloons, the reception overall to Huffman’s family has been more supportive than the one afforded to Lori Loughlin and her daughter Olivia Jade. To be fair, the circumstances are not identical: Loughlin has continued to plead not guilty, is accused of having spent up to $500,000, and had already enrolled two daughters at USC (as crew recruits, no less — neither daughter played the sport). Then there’s Jade herself: an Instagram influencer who’s repeatedly commented on how she “doesn’t care about school,” and was recently reported to have known about her mother’s misdoing — allegedly, she just didn’t find “anything wrong with it.”

Huffman, on the other hand, has not only pled guilty to all charges, but made several public displays of remorse. Per ET‘s source, “Felicity’s friends and fans are proud of how brave and honest she’s been. She’s been as transparent as possible and knows she made a mistake.” Ultimately, Huffman is only facing a few months in jail, while Loughlin could face a few years. We hope all of their children are able to get their lives back on track, regardless of what crimes their parents may have committed.

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