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Fans Got Dangerously Close to Meghan & Harry’s Home & It’s Not Alright

When Prince Harry and Meghan, Duchess of Sussex chose to move out of Buckingham Palace and into Frogmore Cottage at Windsor, the move was reportedly partially motivated by the couple’s desire to raise their son away from the public eye as much as possible. But now, Harry and Meghan’s privacy may currently be compromised — a charity event on the grounds is allowing the public to come alarmingly close to Harry and Meghan’s personal residence. And sadly (but not surprisingly), some guests are taking advantage of the close proximity to try to peek into the royal couple’s home.

Per the U.K.’s Daily Mail, the Frogmore Estate in Windsor was partially opened to the public on Tuesday as part of a three-day charity event hosted by the National Open Garden Scheme, the British Heart Foundation and the National Rheumatoid Arthritis Society. And while Frogmore Cottage was reportedly not part of the grounds that was made available, guests were able to get really close to Harry and Meghan’s home — like, within 20 feet. Granted, this wouldn’t have been an issue if everyone maintained a proper distance and decorum. Unfortunately, that wasn’t the case.

Some visitors used being near Frogmore Cottage as an excuse to try to spy on the duke, duchess and baby Archie. “Visitors claimed they could walk right past the couple’s gate, and people were said to have been taking photographs of the cottage despite police warnings advising them not to,” the Mail reported, adding that some guests even tried to “peer into” the cottage.

Some guests even openly admitted to violating the privacy of the Sussexes. Sandra Whall-Sudnick, who was visiting relatives in the U.K. from the U.S., told the Mail, “We were trying to look in the windows at the top of the house, but we did not see any signs of life.” Others couldn’t help but speculate about what life at Frogmore must be like for the family, especially baby Archie. “Couple of windows open and two shiny cars out front so someone’s there. Mad how close you get,” one royal fan said of Frogmore Cottage, adding of the noise from nearby Heathrow Airport, “Although how they’re getting Archie to sleep under this flight path is beyond me. Absolute racket.”

Something tells us Harry and Meghan probably have a good handle on things, though. In fact, they’re probably less bothered by the routine hum from plane engines overhead than they are by strangers trying to peer into the windows of their home. But they won’t have to deal with the latter much longer — the three-day charity event taking place at Windsor’s Frogmore House reportedly ends tomorrow.

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