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Kit Harington & Emilia Clarke’s Reactions to the GoT Finale Will Break Your Heart All Over Again

Game of Thrones actors, they’re just like us! Emilia Clarke has spoken out about her emotional reaction to reading the script for the final GoT episodes — including her frustration that co-star Kit Harington chose to wait until the table read to find out how the series ended. Seeing his emotional reaction in real time, however, ultimately outweighed her annoyance: and now, thanks to HBO’s documentary Game of Thrones: The Last Watch, we too can watch that reaction in real time — and it’s every bit as satisfying as Clarke described.

During the table read, the action for Jon and Dany’s final scene is read aloud: “we see Jon with his hand still on the hilt of the dagger, just lodged in Dany’s heart” someone reads off-screen. Harington is staring in disbelief at the page, covering his mouth in shock as he hears “lodged in Dany’s heart.” He looks across the table to Clarke for confirmation, who nods, then jokingly slides down in her chair with a grimace.

The Last Watch is essentially required viewing for any true GOT fan, both for the insight it provides into production and the confirmation it provides of how deeply invested the cast and crew were in this series. Harington’s table read is far from the only time he’s moved to tears: his final day of production saw him highly emotional as well, with Harington telling Esquire “it felt like being skinned” when they took off his costume for the final time. “There was something about the costume being taken off me that was like, ‘oh, I don’t get to be him anymore.’ And I love him. I loved being him.”

It’s clear from The Last Watch that most of the GoT crew had a similar level of attachment to their time working on the series — and no matter your feelings on the final season, the passion and dedication of the crew is well worth celebrating.

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