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The Sequel to A Quiet Place Just Got an Even Closer Release Date

Yeah, yeah, it’s only been a little over a year since the post-apocalyptic sci-fi drama A Quiet Place took theaters by storm. But we’re impatient and, ever since learning there would be a follow-up, we want the next installment now. While we aren’t entirely getting our way, the sequel to A Quiet Place just got moved up — per Variety, Paramount Pictures announced the news on Friday. So, the movie gods must be smiling down on us a little bit, eh?

A quick refresher: The film follows a family struggling to survive in a bleak post-apocalyptic world filled with presumably extraterrestrial creatures with exceptional sensitivity to sound. It’s the element of silence that, in part, makes the success of the original film so impressive. For a movie with very little dialogue, it riveted audiences. Made on what is considered a shoestring budget of $17 million, it went on to gross over $340 million annually. Emily Blunt and John Krasinski, who also wrote and directed the movie, starred in the first film as husband and wife Evelyn and Lee Abbott. Millicent Simmonds played their congenitally deaf daughter Regan, with Noah Jupe taking the role of their son Marcus. No spoilers, but things get complicated quickly for the family.

So, when do we get to find out what became of the survivors? Well, instead of being released on May 15, 2020, the sequel to A Quiet Place will come out on March 20, 2020, or nearly a full two months early.

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As previously reported, Blunt, Simmonds and Jupe will all be reprising their roles in the sequel, with Krasinski returning to the helm as director. There’ll be at least one new face joining the family at some point, as Peaky Blinders actor Cillian Murphy has signed on to co-star. According to, the follow-up is expected to have a significantly larger budget than the first film. Young stars Simmonds and Jupe are expected to receive a raise for coming back, but it’s possible Blunt — who won the Screen Actors Guild Award in the supporting actress category for her role — will take a pay cut. She did the same in the original as, you know, a favor to her screenwriter-director husband.

Thus far, everyone involved is staying buttoned up regarding any potential details about the sequel. Will it go into more depth about the origins of the sound-seeking extraterrestrials? Or will it focus more on how the Abbott family moves forward now that they’ve discovered the monsters have a weakness? And how on earth will Evelyn fare with another baby in the house (on the road, in the woods, wherever)?

Only time will tell, and that time is coming two months sooner than anticipated.

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