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Christina Anstead Goes on a Media Blitz About Ex Tarek El Moussa

Even though Christina Anstead is happily settled into her new life, with the Flip or Flop season eight premiere on the horizon over at HGTV, Anstead has to promote the series with her co-star and ex-husband, Tarek El Moussa. Anstead has opened up about working and co-parenting with El Moussa during her promotional tour of the new season, satisfying any and all questions we might have about where these exes stand.

Anstead and El Moussa officially divorced in January 2018 but that doesn’t mean their working relationship ended with it. As Anstead and El Moussa prepare for the Flip or Flop season eight premiere, they’ve gone on a number of interviews about the new season. Inevitably, questions about where their relationship stands nowadays have come up and both have diplomatically and carefully shared insights about it. After a rocky road to divorce, you’d expect things would be shaky for the exes. But, according to Anstead, that’s not really the case.

Speaking with Entertainment Tonight, Anstead had this to say about what fans can expect from their dynamic on Flip or Flop season eight. “Before, I kinda got my way more… Not so much anymore,” she commented, referring to older seasons where her decisions about which houses to flip and how to design them were the ones the couple ran with. In season eight, Anstead says fans can expect to see “a lot more Tarek design.”

El Moussa has been similarly sunny about the upcoming season and working with Anstead. As seen in a caption to his HGTV magazine cover photo with Anstead, Tarek noted at one point: “Well, as you can see….we are still working hard together and finishing up shooting season 8 of Flip or Flop which airs this summer!!”

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This is a test!!!! I know it’s been a while…. but, do you know the names of the two people in this photo!!!??🤔🤔🤔 . Well, as you can see….we are still working hard together and finishing up shooting season 8 of Flip or Flop which airs this summer!! . In the meantime, we just finished working with @hgtv magazaine and it’s all about paint!! . Painting is one of the easiest and fastest ways to update your home!! If you want some amazing ideas click the link in the bio!!🔥🔥🔥 . Now…let’s talk paint! What are your favorite colors for both inside and outside 🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️. Do you prefer two or three🤔 . You never know…may see your favorite color on an upcoming Flip or Flop if you tell me!!!😊

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Anstead also spoke with Us Weekly about what her co-parenting relationship with El Moussa is like during an interview about Flip or Flop season eight. Revealing that she and El Moussa still live super close to one another, Anstead offered, “Tarek and I only live two blocks for each other, so it actually works out really well. As you can imagine, you’ve got school and soccer and stuff, so if we leave a pair of shoes or there’s a soccer ball, it’s so easy now to just, like, run over there and pick something up. It’s just a lot more simple. The kids’ schools are close and everything is, like, a five-minute drive,” and later added, “before, we were 30 minutes apart and that was a nightmare, so it’s just much better living closer together.”

Anstead also recognizes that this situation — working in a very public way with your ex while building a life with your new husband — can be a bit awkward. Luckily, in the case of her, El Moussa, and her new husband Ant Anstead, things are going smoothly. Anstead noted her husband has been “genuinely” pleased with how things are going with El Moussa, telling ET, “I mean if only everyone could be so happy for our situation,” she said. “… It’s awesome. It’s exactly how it should be… The goal is for the kids to feel happy and settled and that’s what we want… So that really is how we live, and how he projects it, and that’s just his personality. Trust me, it’s the best possible situation for everybody.”

It’s good to know that Anstead is feeling settled in her new normal and isn’t letting unusual life circumstances trip her up. She’s got big things on the horizon — the new Flip or Flop season, a baby on the way with Ant, and lots of other working mom duties to take care of — so it’s good that she’s focused on the positives.

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