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Prince William Calls Princess Charlotte By the Cutest Nickname Ever in Candid Video

It’s always special when the rest of the world gets a sneak peek at what everyday life is like for the British monarchy, but especially so when the adorable youngest members of the royal family make cameos. A shining example? Earlier this week, Kensington Palace shared a rare casual moment between Prince William, Kate Middleton and their three children — in the process, Prince William’s nickname for Princess Charlotte came to light. While the internet proved momentarily torn over what precisely William called his little girl, a consensus seems to have now been reached. And, well, it’s like something straight out of a fairytale. We half expected a giant glittery pumpkin carriage to pull up and escort the Cambridges back to the castle.

In the sweet footage of the family, Mum and Dad can be seen playing with their children in Chelsea Flower Show Back to Nature Garden. It’s a project near and dear to Kate’s heart, as she’s been working on it for months. As Prince George sways on a rope swing, William asks his oldest son of the garden, “What would you give it out of 10? With 10 being the highest?” to which George perfectly responds, “Twenty! Super cute!” At that point, William climbs on the swing and calls out to Princess Charlotte to give him a push. But what does he call her? Prepare for the preciousness: “Mignonne.” The term of endearment is a derivative of the French feminine “mignonnet,” meaning dainty,” or Middle French “mignon,” meaning “darling.” It also refers to a delicate white flower.

Giving their children the world’s greatest nicknames isn’t the only thing Will and Kate were in the news for this week, though. A hilariously endearing snapshot of the couple was taken at Queen Elizabeth’s Buckingham Palace garden party on Tuesday.

With their dapper outfits and animated expressions, they look like they popped right out of the original Mary Poppins. In fact, if ever a meme has come to life before, this is it.

Lazy loaded image
Image: My Questionable Life. Credit.

After all, the couple does have three young kids. They embody the very essence of this meme. We should know, because we’re like the much less polished version of Will and Kate when we get the occasional date night.

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