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Mel B Reveals How She Went Blind in 1 Eye in a Shocking Instagram Update

In a wild Instagram update on Tuesday, Spice Girl Melanie “Mel B” Brown how she went blind in one eye recently and has been recovering. Brown noted that, contrary to previous reports, this is the first time she has lost vision in one of her eyes. The news of her recovery was also accompanied by lots of candor about her health and how it has been affected by this incident, offering fans another look into the singer’s personal life.

Brown hopped onto Instagram on Tuesday, sharing a very lengthy message full of thanks for her fans as well as a detailed explanation about what’s been going on with her eye.

“Just so you know the real truth. I had an awful experience last week when I went blind in my right eye and my left eye went blurry. Even though the stupid press said I’m ok and this has happened to me many times before, just to be clear I was NOT ok and this has NEVER EVER happened to me before. So whoever is selling this story ‘a close reliable source’ is full of BS and needs to get there [sic] silly facts right big time,” Brown wrote to her followers, condemning false reports this eye business has happened more than once and reported on by outlets like People magazine. She posted the explanation underneath a black-and-white selfie of her wearing an eyepatch.

Brown continued, telling fans about the recovery process from this scary incident: “I was actually in a lot of pain and very, very scared but thanks to the incredible eye specialists in A&E at London’s Moorfields Hospital and after at Luton and Dunstable University Hospital, I was diagnosed by an eye specialist with severe iritis in my right eye and uveitis in my left eye. I’m taking multiple prescription heavy duty eye drops and other medication the dr gave me that I have to take every day to keep the inflammation under control.”

The Spice Girls singer concluded that she will be dealing with the effects of this for about the next three to four months as she continues to work, rehearsing with fellow Spice Girls (sans Victoria Beckham) for their upcoming tour. Iritis (irritation to the iris of your eye) and uveitis (a general form of eye inflammation) can be caused by a variety of factors, including genetic predisposition, irritation to the eyes or face, infections like shingles, eye surgery, and/or autoimmune disorders (we should note that the causes do not apply universally to both conditions). People’s report which included the false claims this has happened to Brown before, as Brown noted in her Instagram, also had commentary from the source that this was all caused by herpes in the singer’s eye. It has not been confirmed by Brown if that is true and/or the real cause of what happened.

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