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Bachelor Chris Soules Faces Up to Two Years in Prison During Sentencing for Fatal 2017 Car Crash

Two years after being involved in a fatal car accident, former Bachelor Chris Soules will be sentenced today. Soules pled guilty in 2017 to the fatal crash during which he rear-ended 66-year-old Kenny Mosher, who was driving a tractor on a northeast Iowa road at the time of the collision. Although Soules called 911, performed CPR and waited on first responders to show up, he ultimately left the scene before police arrived. Mosher, tragically, did not survive.

Originally, Soules received a felony charge of leaving the scene of a deadly accident. However, he was able to bypass a trial and receive a lesser charge of leaving the scene of a personal injury accident — which is an aggravated misdemeanor, as opposed to a felony — by pleading guilty in 2018. Accordingly, Soules now faces up to two years in prison instead of the five he would have faced with the felony charge. Per USA Today, he also still has the right to withdraw his guilty plea if the judge rejects the plea agreement he struck with prosecutors. He can also request a deferred judgment or suspended sentence while at the sentencing today which, if awarded, could allow him to avoid prison altogether.

On Monday, attorneys representing Soules actually requested that the sentencing itself be delayed, pointing toward a lack of responsiveness by the state over a presentence investigation report. This report, which is sealed by Iowa law, would detail Soules’ background and include an assessment of how likely he is (or isn’t) to re-offend. Since a a judge rejected that request and Soules’ team has yet to hear back from the state about the assessment — which is meant to provide information relevant to sentencing — they’ve indicated today’s sentencing might not be the end of Soules’ legal journey.

“A May 21 sentencing date does not allow adequate time for the State’s response, any necessary responsive action, and the Court’s consideration of Mr. Soules’ motion,” wrote Soules’ lawyer in a brief. “Depending on the Court’s ruling on Mr. Soules’ motion, responsive action will likely be necessary by Soules, DCS or both.”

As of right now, it’s a waiting game to see what sentence will be decided for Soules.

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