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Meghan McCain Doesn’t Care About Spoiling Game of Thrones on The View

It is basically a universal truth that you wait at least 72 hours before you go around talking about the latest episode of everyone’s favorite TV show, so why in the heck in Meghan McCain spoiling Game of Thrones on The View? Yeah, you read that right: McCain casually revealed how GoT ended during Monday morning’s episode with the slightest of spoiler warnings. McCain’s spoiler-bomb left the audience shocked and her costars more than a little miffed for basically ruining GoT forever. Yikes.

McCain’s big spoiler happened while the View cohosts were discussing the very mixed-to-negative reactions to Sunday’s GoT finale. The discussion tried to stay mild on the spoilers in fairness to everyone watching. But it seems like McCain’s criteria for what qualifies as a spoiler is much different than her cohosts’ criteria because all hell broke loose when she decided to weigh in. After calling the ending of GoT “horrible,” McCain quickly said, “Sorry, this is a spoiler,” not even pausing to let people plug their ears or change the channel before spilling the beans that Bran ends up becoming king and she was very mad about it.

WTF, Meghan?

After spilling the beans on the ending of GoT, cohost Sunny Hostin threw her hands in the air, lamenting that she was only on season four right now. Fellow cohost Whoopi Goldberg simply got up from the table and walked away. Meanwhile, the entire live audience sat there gasping and ostensibly tried to tune McCain out.

McCain gave a weak apology, telling everyone, “I’m sorry, but it’s all over the internet,” she noted. “I wasn’t told I wasn’t allowed to say it. I’m sorry, everyone. It’s all over the internet. You would have found out one way or the other,” continuing later with, “As a dedicated fan who watched live last night, like everyone’s supposed to — it was terrible. I’m so disappointed.”

She continued, “I’m sorry you guys are so triggered by me telling you the ending. You guys are like genuinely upset. Why is this a hot topic then if I’m not supposed to talk about it?”

Someone must have convinced McCain she needed to apologize because shortly after her on-air non-apology, she sent out this tweet: “I’m so sorry for the #GOT spoilers on the show today! I assumed every diehard fan had watched! My bad. Don’t watch west coast if you don’t want a spoiler.”

McCain more than goofed on Monday morning. Hopefully, you’re not one of the many fans she ruined GoT for this morning. Which reminds me: can someone check on Hostin? She seemed pretty miffed.

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