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Tyrion Knew About Dany’s Diabolical Plan — According to This Game Of Thrones Theory

Our watch has ended, and this Game of Thrones theory about Tyrion Lannister and Bran Stark proves that the last-living Lannister knew about Daenerys Targaryen’s diabolical plan all along. During the penultimate episode of GoT–“The Bells” we didn’t think things would pan out as they did. With an exhausted and thin army — Dany marched into King’s Landing with one dragon and little hopes of defeating Cersei Lannister, the Lannister Army, and The Golden Company. However, we underestimated Dany’s rage after watching Cersei behead her best friend, Missandei.

After Drogon set King’s Landing on fire, the Lannister army quickly surrendered to the Mother of Dragons. Unfortunately, much to the shock and horror of everyone — Khaleesi could not be tamed. She refused to acknowledge the truce. Instead, Dany urged Drogon on until all of King’s Landing — including the one million people who lived there were obliterated.

Now, there is a new theory floating around Reddit that suggests Tyrion knew all of this death and destruction was coming because Bran Stark aka The Three-Eyed Raven warned him. Reddit user AegonStarkgaryen explained:

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Bran told him in season eight, episode two, off screen, when Tyrion sat down with him. Bran can see glimpses of the future. He has had visions of the future in the first few minutes of season six, episode six, just before he and Meera meet Benjen. Tyrion tries desperately to change the course of action he knows is likely to happen, which Bran told him about already. He was adamant about two things: the bells ringing mean surrender (please accept the surrender) and the city falling by the next day, even though the odds were quite evened, as Jaime said.”


Going back and digging through scenes from “The Bells” Tyrion did try everything he could to stop Dany while trying not to be barbequed by Drogon. If you recall:

She’s going to die. Unless you convince her to change her course of action.” — Tyrion to Jaime

“The city will fall by tomorrow.” — Tyrion to Jaime

“Escape. The two of you, together.” — Tyrion to Jaime

“Please, if you hear them ringing the bells, call off the attack.” — Tyrion to Dany and Greyworm

“If you hear the bells, they’ve surrendered. Call off your men.” — Tyrion to Jon and Greyworm

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Helen Sloan/HBO. HBO.

We don’t know exactly what Tyrion knew, but Bran does know things. We would say he could have tried a little harder to prevent the King’s Landing massacre from happening –but we all know Bran does what he wants.

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