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Leonardo DiCaprio is the Ultimate Instagram Boyfriend For His 21-Year-Old Girlfriend

It’s no secret that Leonardo DiCaprio has a long history of dating models — and it seems his girlfriend Camila Morrone is reaping the rewards. On a trip to the south of France, the couple was spotted staging an impromptu photo shoot: Morrone posed, and DiCaprio diligently documented. If you’ve ever been on vacation with a significant other, you know how rare it is for your partner to have the patience and skills required to get the perfect shot. But it seems like DiCaprio (maybe due to Instagram photoshoots with past model girlfriends?) is nailing it — and Morrone has the artsy posts to back it up.

For those of you unfamiliar, an Instagram boyfriend (or Instagram husband, or Instagram girlfriend, etc.) is the hidden force behind so many enviable pics you see on the ‘Gram. For every one perfectly lit, effortlessly candid picture that actually makes it to your feed, there are hundreds of less-good takes patiently (or more often, very impatiently) snapped by that person’s S.O. The perfect Instagram boyfriend is someone who’s not only willing to wait out your series of poses and (in extreme cases) outfit changes, but someone who can offer valuable feedback and go the extra mile to capture your best angles and help you find your light. 21-year-old Morrone looks cheerful enough in these paparazzi pics, so we’re guessing DiCaprio didn’t just snap half a dozen pics of her bad side and then complain that he was tired (the trademarks of a bad Instagram boyfriend).

The couple was in France to attend the Cannes Film Festival, where DiCaprio’s new Tarantino film Once Upon A Time In Hollywood is having its world premiere. DiCaprio and Morrone were first spotted together in January of 2018, and have been going strong ever since. Maybe DiCaprio will finally break his pattern and settle down for good (hey, it happened for Clooney), but if not, at least Morrone got some quality content out of the experience. Can you say the same for all your exes?

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