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What Happens to the Game Of Thrones Dragons Now?

Warning: This article is dark and full of Game of Thrones season 8 spoilers.

One of the most heartbreaking moment’s in last night’s Game of Thrones finale was watching Drogon realize that Daenerys was dead. The head nudge, the anguished roar — say what you will about Dany, but she loved those dragons, and they loved her. Now that Drogon has picked up Dany’s body and flown away with her, though, we’re left wondering whether Westeros will ever see another dragon. Before Drogon, Rhaegal, and Viserion were on the scene, dragons hadn’t been seen for centuries — did we just witness the second extinction of dragons in the Game of Thrones universe?

The last mention of Drogon on Game of Thrones comes from an exchange between Sam Tarly and King Bran (which still feels surreal to type). Sam mentions that Drogon was seen flying east, and Bran confidently offers to find him (we’ll believe it when we see it). Given our understanding of GoT geography, it’s likely that Drogon was flying to Essos in Old Valyria, where the Targaryen line began. It would be a fitting resting place for Dany, and also seems to be a place Drogon has visited before — namely, back in season 5, when he’s spotted among the Valyrian ruins by Jorah and Tyrion.

A few weeks back, fans theorized that Drogon had actually laid eggs in Old Valyria, setting the stage for a multi-dragon attack on King’s Landing. The theory noted that Drogon had disappeared from view for bouts of time in an earlier season, and also that dragons were rumored to be able to change their sex in order to mate. So, even though Drogon didn’t show up to KIng’s Landing with dragon babies in tow, he still could have potentially given birth a few seasons back, and be returning to Valyria both to lay Dany’s body to rest and to tend to his own children.

Alternately, a few of the Targaryen dragons could have survived what the Seven Kingdoms thought was their total extinction centuries back, and simply hidden out in Valyria for that time — which would also explain why Drogon was so fond of returning there. Given Dany’s storyline, we know it’s not impossible to find more dragons or dragon eggs in the world, and maybe Dany wasn’t the first to “bring back” the dragon race.

Sadly, we’ll never know for sure the fate of dragons in this universe (unless George R. R. Martin cares to weigh in), but we hope Drogon doesn’t spend his final days alone, especially while dealing with his newfound grief. Honestly, it seemed like he and Jon had a decent bond — maybe those two could get a Fire & Ice spin-off of their own.

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