The Burning Questions the GoT Finale Didn’t Answer

Warning: This article is dark and full of Game of Thrones season eight spoilers.

It’s over. Game of Thrones is finally over. After eight seasons spanning the course of nearly a decade, we’ve all arrived at the end. It’s been a pretty wild ride, don’t you think? The GoT series finale divided fans with some of the choices the story made, but it also left us with lots of burning questions that may never be answered. Sure, a lot of loose ends were tied up for many of the major characters, but for a show that will never come back on the air, there were also some plot points that need further resolving.

So, with Daenerys dead, Bran Stark as King of Westeros, Jon Snow back at the Wall, Arya sailing past Westeros, Sansa ruling the North (now an independent kingdom) and all of our favorite characters settling into their new lives after many wars and political battles, what is left to wonder about? GoT may be over, but we still have questions.

Where did Drogon go with Dany’s body?

drogon flying finale
Image: HBO.

Drogon flies off with Dany’s lifeless body after Jon kills her and Drogon melts the throne. But where exactly is Drogon taking Dany? Back to Essos? To Dragonstone? There’s mention at the first council meeting under King Bran that Drogon was last seen flying east but it was left pretty open-ended as if it was still a point of interest. We’ll need some more answers about that ASAP.

What will Arya find past Westeros?

arya sailing finale
Image: HBO.

Arya is ready to find out what’s past the edge of every Westerosi map and we couldn’t be more curious to know either. Surely there’s something exciting, right? What we wouldn’t give to be on Arya’s ship so we could find out what’s west of Westeros, too.

What will Jon and the Wildlings do north of the Wall?

jon snow finale
Image: HBO.

Jon, now a member of the Night’s Watch, is seen leading the Wildlings aka Free Folk back to their home territory north of the Wall now that it is free of the Night King and his White Walkers. Jon has always felt at home among the Wildlings, so we can expect he may linger with them as he helps to restore their home. Will Jon stay longer than he thought? Will he find love again? Will he ever return to the Night’s Watch?

Are there any threats to the Six Kingdoms?

westerosi threats finale
Image: HBO.

GoT ends with lots of hopeful new beginnings as the Starks take over leadership of pretty much every key area of Westeros and it seemed like all threats had been wiped out. No armies of the undead. No tyrants to make life hell for the citizens of the Six Kingdoms. Only rebuilding and getting back to normal. But can it really be that cut-and-dry? Was it really that simple to remove all threats to Westeros? We doubt it.

What kind of king will Bran be?

bran finale
Image: HBO.

Bran being chosen to rule the Six Kingdoms was a surprise enough, but what kind of ruler will he be? We still have no idea just how competent or involved he’ll be as king and what little we saw of him in his new role — making a brief appearance at a meeting with his advisors and saying goodbye to Jon — didn’t really tell us much. For a guy who didn’t want to be king at all, it’s kinda worrying the Bran still seems pretty checked out.

Where’s Gilly and Little Sam?

gilly finale
Image: Helen Sloan/HBO.

We got to see pretty much every major player still alive after the wars of season eight, but weirdly, we still have no idea how Sam’s wife, Gilly, and their son, Little Sam, are doing. The pair basically disappeared after the Battle of Winterfell but we have to assume that they followed Sam, now the Archmaester for King Bran, to King’s Landing.

Where is Nymeria?

nymeria finale
Image: HBO.

Fans were worried that Jon wasn’t giving too much love to Ghost, his precious direwolf, earlier in the season and wanted justice for the very good doggo. Jon finally got his moment with his pup at the end of the episode and now these two are finally reunited. With the other Stark direwolves dead and Arya’s direwolf, Nymeria, the only one still alive, will we ever get to see her again? Chances may be slim with Arya sailing off past Westeros, but we sure hope Nymeria is doing okay these days.

Will Brienne ever fall in love again?

brienne finale
Image: HBO.

One of the most touching moment during the episode’s final scenes was Brienne sitting down to write about Jaime in a book on the knights of the realm who had served the crown in the past. It clearly took a lot out of Brienne as she tried to find the right words to memorialize her first love, but we have to wonder: will Brienne ever find someone like Jaime (or maybe more emotionally available and able to love than Jaime) again? We hope so because homegirl deserves it.

And that’s it, folks. No more GoT; all has been told. Thankfully, we have at least one GoT prequel in the works to keep us satisfied in the near future but for now, let’s all drink some wine and process everything this show has given us over the course of eight seasons.