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Kylie Jenner Is Ready to Make it Rain With a New Baby Line

Kylie Jenner, arguably one of the most successful Gen Z’ers right now, is looking to expand her empire even further. Jenner is apparently looking to begin work on a baby line, which would imaginably be added to her already staggering stable of business ventures, which include cosmetics, clothing and soon, skincare. It’s still in the early stages, but if Jenner is truly serious about this, there’s no doubt she would dominate the baby market with whatever she chooses to design.

Per Fortune magazine, Jenner recently submitted signed applications to the United States Patent and Trademarks Office on May 9. The applications reportedly pertain to selling any and all manner of baby’s and children’s items, including breast pumps, clothing, strollers and diapers. The working name for these lines, as noted on the applications, are Kylie Baby and Kylie Baby by Kylie Jenner. Jenner hasn’t confirmed via her reps, social media, interview or any other kind of public statement that she is actively pursuing a baby line.

If you’re already setting aside money to spend on anything and everything Kylie Baby, you’ll likely be waiting a while. Speaking with Fortune, trademark attorney Josh Gerben gave insight on how long getting application approval can take so entrepreneurs can start doing the real work: “It will typically take three to four months before the government even picks these up and reviews these trademarks and then, assuming everything goes smoothly, it will be another six or seven months or so until the registrations are even ready to issue.”

For now, the applications don’t mean anything concrete, either. Instead, Jenner filing the applications simply implies she is seriously considering creating a baby line and wants to get her foot in the door should she want to proceed. It won’t prevent other competitors from doing the same, but goodness knows that if Jenner already has her mind set about filing applications, she will likely want to pursue this new venture.

And TBH she’d be hella great at it, too. Jenner, mother to her daughter, Stormi, with rapper Travis Scott, has proven that she is a businesswoman with vision. She’s about to launch her skincare line, Kylie Skin, and it’s already set to take over the skincare scene. Can you even imagine what she’ll think up? We are willing to bet monochromatic diapers in varying shades of pink and white, diamond-encrusted diaper bags and Ferrari-inspired strollers are on the menu and Stormi will obviously be the face of the first campaign.

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