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The Jaw-Dropping Grey’s Anatomy Season Finale Just Fired Our Favorite Doctors

Warning: Spoilers for Grey’s Anatomy season 15 ahead.

Shondaland shows are known for leaving viewers speechless, and the Grey’s Anatomy season 15 finale was no different. The latest Grey’s episode had it all: a baby was born, romance was kindled and three careers were (possibly) ended forever. That’s right — after last week’s tiny detour into insurance fraud, Dr. Bailey decided to lay down the law and fired Meredith, Alex, and Richard in one fell swoop. Yes, you read that correctly — fired. Let’s break down what happened.

Last week, DeLuca took the fall for the insurance fraud committed by Meredith and the others (though it was mainly Meredith’s idea, which is really why DeLuca stepped up the way he did). Now that DeLuca is in jail, Meredith felt she had to come forward about what happened, and confessed to Catherine and Bailey. This sparked a kind of domino effect in the hospital staff: Richard and Alex, not wanting Meredith to shoulder all the blame, confessed as well. Perhaps they were hoping that with multiple perpetrators, Bailey wouldn’t punish all three: but their bluff was called when Bailey fired each and every one.

In another shocking cliffhanger, Maggie and Jackson continue to fight about their relationship on the drive home — but when Jackson pulls over to wait out the fog, he gets out of the car and doesn’t return. We leave the storyline with Meredith screaming his name and Jackson nowhere to be found.

Amidst all this drama, the episode did have a few high points: after being fired, Meredith goes to jail to visit DeLuca and says four long-awaited words: “I love you too.”

In other good news, Teddy — who starts the episode going into labor while stuck in bumper-to-bumper traffic on the freeway — safely makes it to the hospital and has a healthy baby girl named Allison. (No small thanks to Amelia, who’s with Teddy in the car and takes over.) Owen even makes it to the hospital for the birth, paving the way for a future with Teddy. (No word on how Tom feels about all this.) In a painful but ultimately positive turn, Jo admits how much she’s been struggling to husband Alex, and seeks out professional help from a psychiatric clinic.

But as for the main question of what happens to Meredith, Alex, and Richard now (and where on earth Jackson is), we have no idea. Will Meredith face criminal charges, like DeLuca? Will any of them lose their license? Thank God Grey’s Anatomy is already renewed for season 16 (and 17!) — we’ll just have to wait and see.

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