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The 5 Biggest Surprises in The Big Bang Theory Finale

Well, gang, the time came and went to say goodbye to The Big Bang Theory on Wednesday, May 16. It’s been a long time coming: 12 years, 279 episodes and a place in television history as one of the longest-running comedy sitcoms to ever air. TBBT has developed such an adoring fanbase, working its way into a prominent, beloved place in pop culture. We can’t believe we have to say goodbye!

As tough as it was joyous to watch the series finale, there were a few fun surprises in store for fans as the show tied up every character’s loose ends. Here are five surprises we loved the most.

The elevator was finally fixed

No need to go deep on this because it speaks for itself. After 12 long years, that alway-broken elevator finally took the gang where they wanted to go. Gone was the bright “Caution” tape and with it, lots of new changes and possibilities arrived.

Amy and Sheldon received a Nobel Prize in physics

A well-deserved win for one of TBBT‘s power couples, Sheldon and Amy were the joint winners of a Nobel prize for their work in physics. The award was a culmination of Sheldon and Amy’s respective work, but the fact that these two were able to accept it together was even more heartwarming. Well, scratch that. The most heartwarming aspect of this finale plot point was seeing the rest of the gang stay and cheer for the couple from the audience.

Sarah Michelle Gellar was Raj’s Nobel ceremony date

As if winning a Nobel prize and having all of your friends attend the ceremony wasn’t big enough, it was revealed that Raj brought Sarah Michelle freaking Gellar as his date to the huge ceremony! Literally… how, Raj? How did you pull that off? I mean, the guy’s got big game, sure, but Gellar is a heck of a get.

The reason Leonard always wears a hoodie explained

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A major plot point in the series finale was the group’s frustrations over the need to bend over backward for Sheldon so that they can avoid blow-ups from him. For much of the episode, Sheldon manages to alienate his friends and his wife with his sharp, rude comments, leading Amy and Leonard to commiserate over his poor behavior. At one point, Leonard shares that the reason he frequently wears a hoodie in the apartment is because he has always kept the temperature at Sheldon’s preferred temperature: cold as heck. That definitely explains years of bold hoodie choices, huh?

Leonard and Penny make a big decision about their future

Whether or not they should have kids has been a major point of contention for Leonard and Penny over the course of their marriage. Leonard has always wanted kids but Penny has been adamant that kids’ just aren’t for her. It looks like fate has other plans because after couple drunkenly hashed out this problem at The Cheesecake Factory, the kissed and made up — and did such a good job of it that Penny discovered later on in the episode that she was pregnant.

And there you have it, folks. That’s it. That was The Big Bang Theory. New episodes may not be in store, but we’ll always cherish the time we spent with the gang over the course of the 12 seasons they shared with us. That’s a big, big win in our book.


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