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This Theory On Dany’s Death Gives New Meaning To Varys’ Final Acts

Warning: This article is dark and full of Game of Thrones season 8 spoilers.

If you follow Game of Thrones — or follow the GoT fandom, or just even go on Twitter, really — you’ll know that viewers are less than thrilled with season 8. One of the disappointing aspects has been Tyrion’s character: once renowned for his scheming abilities and quick wit, Tyrion has seriously stalled in recent years. His greatest misstep in recent memory is, of course, the insistent backing of Daenerys Targaryen for the throne — even as his wisest allies (Varys, Sansa) advised against it. Now that Tyrion has been given absolute proof that he was wrong to trust Dany, as evidenced by her massacre of the population of King’s Landing, we’d like to see Tyrion regain his former courage and actually do something about it.

According to a theory from PopSugar, Tyrion just might — with all the rage and guilt he feels for having gotten Dany to where he is, the only remaining Lannister has ample motivation to seek her death. And it’s possible that Varys left him the perfect tools to do it. Let’s break this down.

Remember the final scene with Varys? No, not the part where he gets burned alive by Drogon, but right before it. The scene takes care to show us that Varys has removed his rings, a move that garnered some suspicion on Twitter.

Next, remember how Joffrey was killed with a poison necklace? This theory suggests that Varys could have a similar poison in his rings, and that’s why he removed them. We already suspect that Varys was using a girl named Martha to poison Dany’s food — these rings could have been left behind so Martha, or whoever else steps up, could finish the job.

So, why would Tyrion be the one to step up? As discussed, he’s likely feeling enormous guilt for not having listened to Varys earlier. On top of that, he was the one to tell Dany of Varys’ betrayal — and whether or not she already knew that Varys was trying to poison her, Tyrion ultimately put the final nail in his coffin. While we all know Tyrion’s preferred weapon is the crossbow, using Varys’ poison rings is a touch more subtle, and would allow him to honor Varys’ mission and atone for having turned his back on him.

With so many contenders for who will kill Dany, does Tyrion deserve to have this epic win? He may not have the killing power of Arya, or the betrayed-lover angle Jon does, but Tyrion’s had a rough go of it with Dany this past year. She’s criticized him at every turn, threatened him, ignored his advice, and most recently killed his siblings — and, likely, everyone he grew up with. Then there’s the fact that Tyrion has been more or less lost since Shae died, and it would just be nice to see him take control of his life one more time.

Whether he ends up killing Dany or no, we can all agree that Tyrion deserves one final big moment before the series ends — and if that moment could honor Varys too, all the better.

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