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This New Game Of Thrones Theory Could Reveal Drogon’s Fate

Warning: This article is dark and full of Game of Thrones season 8 spoilers. 

After last week’s fiery episode, GoT fans are eager to see Daenerys be killed for her crimes — but the actual flame-producer, Drogon, not so much. With Dany down to one dragon, and Rhaegal having met such an unsatisfying end, fans are more attached than ever to our one remaining dragon. But according to this new theory from PopSugar, even Drogon may not survive the GoT finale. Here’s what we know.

The theory is based on each of the dragon’s names, chosen by Dany to represent important people in her life. Two are named after her older brothers: Viserion after Viserys, and Rhaegal after Rhaegar. The third, Drogon, is named after Khal Drogo, Dany’s now-dead husband from Season 1. Viserion and Rhaegal (RIP) both faced similar fates to their namesakes, the theory goes on to point out. And if this pattern continues for Drogon — well, let’s just say that burning down the Red Keep may have been his last hurrah.

Unfortunately, the theory’s not wrong about the similarities between how the first two dragons’ and the two Targaryen brothers’ lives play out. We don’t see Rhaegar Targaryen (who, lest we forget, is Jon Snow’s father) die on the show, but it’s revealed that he was killed by a blow to the chest, courtesy of Robert Baratheon’s war hammer. The dragon Rhaegal, as we saw two weeks ago, was also felled by a strike to the chest, this time courtesy of Euron Greyjoy’s crossbow. Next up: Viserys, the charming brother we met in Season 1 who sold Dany to Khal Drogo, dies by fire — specifically, molten gold poured over his head. So far, no similarities: until you think about the Viserion we see after the Night King gets to him, who turns on Dany and forces her to fight against him. Viserys, too, was an enemy to Dany toward the end of his life, and she ultimately sanctioned his killing.

That leads us to Drogon, named after late husband and Dothraki leader Khal Drogo. Drogo has a somewhat complicated death: first, he fights a fellow Dothraki who insulted Dany, and though he survives, he’s left with a wound that quickly becomes infected. Dany attempts to save him using magic, but leaves him comatose instead. Finally, Dany is forced to kill him herself, smothering him with a pillow and weeping over his body.

Obviously, if Drogon ends up meeting a similar fate to Khal Drogo, it won’t be pretty. As far as we know, Drogon didn’t suffer any wounds in need of tending during the King’s Landing attack. But Dany’s fighting days are likely far from over, as she’ll face fierce opposition for her decision to burn King’s Landing to the ground. So, Drogon could be wounded in the finale, and ultimately die from it — or, the link could be read more loosely, and simply mean that Dany will have to kill him in the end, as she did Drogo.

Either way, Drogon’s fate is an important question in the finale: if Dany dies, no one wants a rogue dragon mourning his mother on the loose. And if Dany doesn’t die, Drogon is still key to whether or not she can hold her grasp on the Throne. However this plays out, we should all have tissues handy for Sunday’s episode — we haven’t said our final goodbyes on Game of Thrones.

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