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Nicole Kidman Just Compared Season 2 of Big Little Lies to an Espresso, & We Totally Get It

With season two of Big Little Lies finally just around the corner (June 9 can’t come soon enough), it’s only natural to hang onto every morsel of information about what’s to come. The Monterey Five may live on California’s cool central coast, but they were in hot water the last time we saw them. And in a new interview with Deadline, series star-slash-producer Nicole Kidman hinted that BLL’s second season is going to be even more intense. Even better? She relayed this message in a way that speaks to us all: a coffee analogy.

To better understand the depth of Kidman’s comment, let’s start with some context. While chatting with writer Antonia Blyth for Deadline, Kidman touched on how creating Big Little Lies effected change in the industry by centering on a female-driven conversation. “Getting things made, which seems like a no-brainer now, was actually something that hadn’t been done in the sense of five females at the forefront of a series that was considered a very, very particular, niche demographic. When you’re making a thing about mothers with kindergarteners, that sounds like a very small demographic type of series where you go, ‘Well, who’s going to be interested in that?’ But I love putting topical issues with entertainment,” Kidman said, adding that writer-director Jane Campion pointed out of season one, “It’s like a latte, because it’s frothy on the top and bitter and strong underneath.”

Here’s the kicker, though: Season two isn’t going to go down that easily. “The second season’s not a latte,” Kidman elaborated. “It’s a double espresso.”

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As lovers of both coffee and BLL, we’re now officially nervous. If season one was only latte-intense, can we even handle espresso-intense? Much less double espresso-intense? Admittedly, the recently released full-length teaser trailer did send chills up our spine — the whisper of Meryl Streep’s Celeste alone is foreboding enough to convince us nothing good can come from her being in town. Plus, the Monterey Five all seem to be “eroding,” as Reese Witherspoon’s Madeline puts it, due to the fallout from Perry’s death.

Plus, if BLL does end with season two, it stands to reason the show will have to put fans through the emotional wringer this summer. There are a lot of loose ends that would need to be tied up if the series was coming to an end, and those loose ends all have the capacity to unravel everything when tugged on. Since BLL was originally only intended as a limited-series with one season, this second season is a bonus. It doesn’t seem entirely likely we’ll get another since the stars of the show are all so busy with other projects.

And that means we can probably take Kidman’s comments at face value. So get ready, because season two is bound to be a jitter-inducing double shot of adrenaline and drama.

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