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Every Single Reason Grey’s Anatomy Shouldn’t Write DeLuca Off in the Season 15 Finale

It’s said that April showers bring May flowers but, let’s be real, it isn’t just flora and fauna that spring brings. May also means another season of Grey’s Anatomy is coming to a close. And admittedly, that could lead to showers too — as in, the torrential downpour of fans’ tears when a beloved character inevitably bites the big one. With the season 15 finale now looming, the only question that remains is which good doctor of Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital will be responsible for the flood of forthcoming emotions.

As for us, we firmly feel there’s one character currently in danger of being written off who deserves to stick around. [Warning: spoilers about the current season of Grey’s ahead.] But first, here’s a quick recap of where things stand going into the finale. For starters, it seems inevitable that someone will either die and/or leave the show. Fans have been pretty fortunate as of late to not lose any major players. However, Grey’s certainly seems to be setting us up for a loss.

The teaser trailer for the finale points toward several possible doctors in danger. The last episode ended with Owen (Kevin McKidd), Levi (Jake Borelli) and a patient getting into a major car accident as a result of blinding fog settling over Seattle. Meanwhile, Amelia (Caterina Scorsone) is in that same fog, trying to get an in-labor Teddy (Kim Raver) where she needs to be to safely deliver her baby.

And, yeah yeah, we’re really worried about all of them. But, c’mon, the character we’re most worried about right now is Andrew DeLuca (Giacomo Gianniotti). As we all know, he decided to take the fall for Meredith (Ellen Pompeo), who committed insurance fraud in order to save a little girl. The last time we saw him, he was being carted off by the feds.

So here we are to plead his case. Join us in reviewing every single reason DeLuca deserves to stick around for the foreseeable future. TV gods, hear our pleas!

He’s the first guy we can really see Mer with long-term.

Nathan Riggs was nice enough, but it was obvious that relationship was ill-fated from the start. Because the relationship with Meredith and DeLuca was such a slow build, we got to fall in love right along with them. Don’t get us wrong; we love Mer as a single, independent woman. But we also dig her being a still-independent woman whose letting her guard down to hold space for love.

TBH, we just like listening to him talk.

DeLuca is Italian, and so DeLuca occasionally slips into his native tongue of Italian — aka the language of love. It doesn’t happen often but, when it does, the rest of Grey Sloan ceases to exist.

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Courtesy of ABC. Courtesy of ABC.

His taste in music is a testament to how cool he is.

In episode six of this season, titled “Flowers Grow Out of My Grave,” DeLuca revealed that his favorite band is The Beatles. As if that wasn’t enough to suggest he has serious cool cred, he also mentioned he’s a big fan of Radiohead. We rest our case.

He stands up for what he believes in.

Um, case in point? His current debacle. When Meredith put her medical license and freedom on the line to save that little girl without insurance, it blew DeLuca away. He literally professed his love to Meredith afterward. Plus, one of his first big storylines was him inserting himself into Jo and Alex’s relationship when Alex was self-destructing. And, come to think of it, he stood up to Koracick after Amelia’s brain tumor surgery so he could honor her wishes for early ambulation (no matter how brutal it was for both of them). The guy’s got gumption.

His family is super interesting, too.

Let it be said that we love DeLuca’s sister Carina (Stefania Spampinato) almost as much as we love him. It would be lovely if Grey’s promoted her to a series regular. But it isn’t just Carina that makes for a dynamic addition to DeLuca’s arc — recently, his father came in to stir things up with a groundbreaking but controversial medical trial.

He’s just so very likable.

Although he and Maggie didn’t work out as a couple, she fully supported him eventually going on to date Mer. Why? Because everyone loves the guy. He’s unproblematic. He’s loyal. He’s smart. Even Alex came around and now considers DeLuca a friend and respected colleague. Grey Sloan could use a few more like DeLuca, not one less.

He has fantastic hair.

That coif is a gosh damn revelation. Need we say more?

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