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Does Sansa Stark End Up With Gendry On Game Of Thrones?

Warning: This article is dark and full of Game of Thrones season 8 spoilers.

Hear us out — Gendry may still be pining for Arya Stark, but the young Lord Baratheon (hopefully) has a long future ahead of him, and still needs a lady by his side. Sansa Stark, on the other hand, has all the cunning, determination and loyalty required of a strong ruler — and is pragmatic enough to understand the challenges of attempting to rule without a man at her side. As Game of Thrones’ final season comes to an end, could Sansa Stark and Gendry Baratheon take the Iron Throne together?

This theory comes from Reddit user @9org, who argues that Daenerys’ inability to have children makes her a less attractive candidate for the throne. If she can’t start a Targaryen line, “the Game of Thrones would restart immediately after her death.” Jon Snow, they argue, has the same issue: even if Dany were out of the picture, they can’t see him taking another wife, and therefore “the problem seems the same.”

Sansa, however, has no such issues (that we know of), and we’ve witnessed her growing impatience with Dany’s attempts to once again subjugate the North. Only a Stark could peacefully re-join Winterfell with the Seven Kingdoms. Joined with Gendry’s claim to the throne as heir to Robert Baratheon, Sansa would have a strong claim to the throne, strengthened further by her ability to bear a male heir and carry on the line.

Then there’s the history between the Stark and Baratheon houses. Back in the very first episode, Robert says to Ned: “You have a daughter, I have a son — let’s join our houses.” At the time, he was referring to Joffrey, but Joffrey was both a vile excuse for a human and not Baratheon’s actual son. Also in season 1, Ned tells Sansa to choose someone “strong, and wise, and brave,” Gendry’s at least proven himself strong and brave in the Battle of Winterfell, though his proposal to Arya suggests the wisdom is still coming along.

Either way, Sansa would be smart enough for them both: and as we saw in last week’s exchange with Tyrion, she has no illusions about retaining power over Winterfell if a male option (Jon) is available. In Gendry’s proposal, he admitted that he has no idea what he’s doing as a lord, and needs a knowledgeable lady: we can think of no one more perfect than Sansa for the role, if she’s interested. Gendry, for his part, legitimizes Sansa’s claim to power, while fulfilling her father’s dying wish of keeping a true Baratheon heir on the throne.

While it’s true that there are no budding signs of romance between the two, there are plenty of theories that Gendry will take the throne if Dany and Jon die trying. Wouldn’t that scenario be better with Lady Stark by his side?

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