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David Beckham Looks Distractingly Handsome At Court Appearance For Texting While Driving

Everyone’s favorite soccer star may be good on his feet, but behind the wheel is a whole other story. During a court appearance earlier today, David Beckham was charged for using his phone while driving back in November, an incident apparently photographed by a passing pedestrian. To the public, however, details of Beckham’s misconduct are not the focal point of this story — instead, it’s Beckham’s stylish court-date look.

Beckham is now banned from driving for six months, must pay $1100 in fines and received six points on his license. The decision was handed out in Bromley Magistrates’ Court, where Beckham’s defense lawyer claimed the soccer player had “no recollection of the day in question or this particular incident.” His lawyer further informed the court that Beckham drives his children to and from school whenever he can, and “to deprive them of that is something that he will acknowledge.” As some have pointed out, Beckham can certainly afford to hire a driver for the next six months.

Beckham did look awfully sharp approaching those courthouse steps. In a perfectly tailored charcoal grey suit, the star kept his eyes down while walking past the horde of photographers outside. This isn’t Beckham’s first brush with the law over driving-related matters: in January of last year, he was caught speeding; and he faced an eight-month driving ban back in 1999 (though it was ultimately overturned). In court, Beckham’s lawyer attested that “there is no excuse for what took place,” while maintaining that “his view is that he cannot remember.”

When it comes to the dangerous habit of texting and driving, it’s good to know that even celebrities aren’t above the law — no matter how good they look while pleading guilty.

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