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Samantha Markle’s Statement About Baby Archie’s Arrival Will Induce Extreme Eye-Rolling

So far, Wednesday has been the most eventful day in the life of Prince Harry and Meghan, Duchess of Sussex’s son, Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor. In addition to revealing the name Harry and Meghan chose for their first child, Archie attended his first photocall and televised interview at Windsor castle. Later, Archie met paternal great-grandparents Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh and his maternal grandmother, Doria Ragland. But the family news (unfortunately) doesn’t stop there because Meghan’s infamously shady half-sister, Samantha Markle, has released a statement on Archie’s arrival, too, and it’s a little too nice to be trusted, TBH.

Speaking with DailyMailTV, Markle began her passive-aggressive comments about Baby Archie by not only downplaying the special occasion of Archie’s arrival but taking a gentle dig (for the umpteenth time) at Meghan.

“Well, I love it. I’m already an aunt and am lucky enough to have Thomas and Tyler as my nephews. I spent a lot of time with them when they were babies and I love them. Family is family. What I think is incredible is that it’s a great moment historically and although the adults have a lot of water under the bridge, I would really like to see everyone reach out. We’ve extended the olive branch and now it is Meghan’s turn,” Samantha tells DailyMailTV.

Samantha went on to say, “We’re all welcoming the baby—Markles, Raglands, Sussexes, Windsors. In terms of the gene pool, we’ve all made a contribution to this wonderful little boy who will probably grow up to be an exceptional man and we’d like to treat this as if we’re all a big family. It would be nice not to react to what we’ve heard in the news but to personally meet him and let him judge us for himself.”

First off, after the way Markle has treated Meghan time and time again, I seriously doubt Meghan wants Archie to have anything to do with her or her raggedy olive branch. Also, Markle needs to stop being so rude by trying to take any kind of credit with the “we all contributed to the gene pool” line because I seriously doubt anyone’s family members have ever tried to take that weird level of credit for the birth of a relative.

But wait, there’s more! Markle’s already long-winded statement goes on to say, “I want [Archie] to know he’s got a big family and he’s part of an amazing historical time and we’re excited for him. We’re excited for Meg and Harry—I am really excited for her. I love her, she’s my baby sister and it doesn’t matter what we’ve all said back and forth but she’s got to do the right thing. I just want to say Meg, you’ve got a world here and family here [in the U.S.] that’s excited for you.”

Markle’s statement end by putting pressure on Meghan to acknowledge her statement (or her existence, really), addressing her directly with the following: “I want Meg to be part of [her dad Thomas’s] life, I want Meg to be able to share this beautiful time with him in whatever way she can. I think it’s important for her too. I hope something sticks with her—that she decided to do the right thing for my dad. Life is short and we’re family. I hope she decides to do the right thing this time.”

Markle’s official statement will have to be taken with several hundred grains of salt because this is the first time she has been even noticeably pleasant towards Meghan (it’s not “Meg” and it never has been). Cosmopolitan magazine reminds us that in a forthcoming documentary, Markle had this to say about Meghan before Archie arrived on the scene: “She doesn’t have a heart or she would been doing everything she could to make [father Thomas Markle] comfortable, and reciprocate, and be loving and gracious, and make sure he’s comfortable in his old age.”

Just…yikes. Yikes all around.

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