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Call Him Richie Rich Because Baby Boy Sussex’s Estimated Net Worth Is Mind-Blowing

It’s been a whirlwind week for Prince Harry and Meghan, the Duchess of Sussex, and it’s only Tuesday. On Monday, May 6, Harry and Meghan welcomed their first child, a baby boy. While Harry confirmed in a quick press junket that mom and baby were doing well, there was no confirmation on the name or what the coming days and weeks hold for the royal family aside from settling into their new normal. Even though he’s less than a week old, Baby Sussex is already generating a lot of curiosity and excitement throughout the kingdom — as well as a lot of money. We may not know his name, but new reports suggest Baby Sussex’s estimated net worth is enormous and he also stands to generate a lot more for the royal family and UK economy. Let’s break it down.

Baby Sussex’s wealth is directly tied to both Harry and Meghan’s combined net worth as well as the royal family’s net worth. As MONEY online points out, the royal family’s net worth is reportedly a jaw-dropping $88 billion, which mostly comes from holdings like the Crown Jewels as well as revenue generated from tourism and royal family events. Additionally, going into their marriage, Meghan’s net worth was reportedly around $5 million and Harry’s was somewhere between $25 and $40 million. Based on just his parents’ incomes alone, Baby Sussex’s net worth (keep in mind he is literally two days old as we report this) is somewhere between $30 and $45 million.

And that net worth could grow based on the income Baby Sussex generates in the coming days, months and first years of his life. Using the estimated $125 million that Prince Louis (the youngest of the Mountbatten-Windsor clan and thus the best rule of thumb here) generated for the British economy in the days following his birth. An even more bananas sign of what awaits Baby Sussex are Princess Charlotte and Prince George’s initial net worths, $3.6 billion and $5 billion, respectively. All signs point to each of Prince William and Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge’s kids’ net worths continuing to grow over their lifetimes.

The implication here is that Baby Sussex could, as the first child of Harry and Meghan, generate that amount or more from this point onward. This would be based on tourism income for royal baby-related visits, baby products and other royal-related commemorative products sold in Baby Sussex’s name and so forth. Basically, this child is a huge source of income for his parents and the royal family — and he still has his whole life ahead of him.

Harry and Meghan have made it clear that the arrival of their son wouldn’t be a public free-for-all and instead, the couple would dole out news about their son as well as the first look on their own terms. It took a long time for Baby Sussex to get here, so it’s understandable that right now all Harry and Meghan want to do is spend time alone as a family before they have to return to their public duties. For now, time is more precious than all the money is the world and truly, that’s all that matters. Plus, Baby Sussex has the rest of his life to spend that family money; there’s no rush at all.

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