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Prince William Playfully Trolls Harry About the Realities of New Parenthood

There are many joys of parenting, including one aspect that is rarely discussed but oh-so-satisfying — that tiny hint of smugness you have when a perky expectant parent prepares to welcome their first child. Case in point? Kensington Palace just released a video statement from Prince William and Kate Middleton on the birth of baby Sussex and, although they do seem “thrilled” for Harry, the knowing looks on their faces really says it all. Having been there three times already, William and Kate know exactly how wild of a ride Harry and Meghan are about to embark upon. And, hey, it’s okay to find a little humor in that.

Paparazzi caught up with the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge during an appearance in southeast London’s Greenwich to launch the King’s Cup Regatta charity competition that the pair plans to host in August. “[We’re] absolutely thrilled, absolutely thrilled, and looking forward to seeing him in the next few days when he’s quietened down,” Will told one royal correspondent. “I’m very pleased to welcome my own brother to the sleep deprivation society that is parenting!”

It goes without saying that, in the video clip of this conversation, Will and Kate do look genuinely happy for Harry and Meghan. But it’s also probably clear to anyone who has survived the newborn stage of parenting that the veteran parents are taking a bit of pleasure in the long nights that are sure to come for the Duke and Duchess of Sussex. Parenting is the great equalizer, after all — it doesn’t matter who you are or how prepared you think you are, you’ll never be truly ready. It’s all part of the amazing experience of becoming a parent.

Kate certainly seems ready for her role as royal aunt, telling the royal correspondent, “It’s such a great time of the year to have a baby. And yes, spring’s in the air and everything so it’s pretty great. As William said, I look forward to meeting him [the baby] and finding out what his name is going to be.” However, Kate did add a sort of caveat. “So it’s really exciting for both of them. And I’m wishing them the best in these next few weeks,” she said, before noting, “It’s always a bit daunting the first time around.” She speaks the truth, no?

Happily for Harry and Meghan, they have plenty of family (like Will and Kate) to lean on for parenting advice.

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