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Jennifer Aniston Talks “Successful” Past Marriages & Why She’s Not Looking For Love

More than any celebrity in recent decades, Jennifer Aniston is accustomed to having her love life under a microscope. Since Aniston’s 2005 split from Brad Pitt, tabloids can’t get enough of speculating about her latest romantic choices — not to mention the dozens of false rumors of a pregnancy over the years. In a recent interview for Harper’s Bazaar Aniston opened up about where her love life is (actually) now, and why she’s so at peace with her choices.
Aniston was interviewed by comedian Tig Notaro, her co-star in the upcoming Netflix movie First Ladies. After chatting about Aniston’s recent 50th birthday party (where the guest list included Pitt and his ex-fiancée Gwyneth Paltrow (did you forget?), Kate Hudson, Keith Richards and Gloria Steinem), Notaro briefly talks tabloids — “there I would be on the cover,” Aniston muses, “cradling my soon-to-be-born fictional child” — then dives into her personal life. When asked about her online dating habits, Aniston all but shrugs it off.  “Am I on OkCupid? No. I have zero time, to be honest. My focus has been on The Morning Show [her upcoming Apple series costarring Reese Witherspoon], so dating has not been one of my first priorities.”
Aniston has certainly been keeping busy professionally, but she’s always spoken so warmly of her romantic partners in interviews — it’s hard not to hope that love will come back into her life. For the most part, Aniston agrees. “When it comes knocking, [love is] going to be welcomed,” she says firmly. “I’m not like, ‘No, I’m done with that. That’s never going to happen again.’ ” When asked about the prospect of a soul mate, Aniston is similarly warm and open: “I think we have many soul mates,” the actress shares. “I don’t think there’s one and one only.”
If you’ve been reading the aforementioned tabloid headlines, you might wonder how Aniston stays so positive. But the former Friends star is adamant that her past only strengthens her resolve. “I don’t find any of my past has given me a reason to harden up and create a shell,” she says to Notaro.
In 2018, Aniston explained exactly how she viewed her headline-making relationships: “My marriages, they’ve been very successful, in [my] personal opinion. […] When they came to an end, it was a choice that was made because we chose to be happy.” It looks like Aniston’s current version of happiness includes partying with her ex-husband’s ex-fiancée, releasing a slew of new comedy projects, and baring it all in a topless shoot for Harper’s Bazaar. By anyone’s standards, Aniston is doing love and life exactly right.

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