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Meghan Markle’s Estranged Father is Already Talking to Tabloids About Baby Boy Sussex

Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, has just given birth to a baby boy, and the royal family has been quick to share their congratulations. Meghan’s family, however, has always been a more complicated issue, with both her sister and her father repeatedly offering details of Meghan’s life (and digs at Meghan’s behavior) to the press. Speaking to British tabloid The Sun, Meghan’s father Thomas Markle has officially offered a comment on the birth of Baby Sussex — and it appears he’s trying to get back in Meghan’s good graces.
From his hometown of Rosarito, Mexico, Thomas gave a statement on his grandchild’s birth. “I’m delighted to hear that mother and child are doing well,” he begins, adding. “I am proud that my new grandson is born into the British royal family and I am sure that he will grow up to serve the crown and the people of Britain with grace, dignity, and honour. GOD bless the child and I wish him health and happiness, and my congratulations to my lovely daughter Duchess Meghan and Prince Harry, and GOD save the Queen.” 
Recently, royal expert Kate Nicholl suggested that Thomas had shut off communication with the press in the hopes of reconciling with his daughter.  “If he wants any relationship with his daughter and his grandchild,” Nicholl explained, “he’s going to have to prove that he can keep his mouth shut.” Per reports, Meghan sent her father a letter after the royal wedding suggesting Thomas could have a second chance — if he agreed to “stop using the press as a medium.” In recent months, Thomas has done just that: but it still could be too little, too late.
Every aspect of Thomas’ statement to the press, from the phrasing of “my new grandson is born into the British royal family” to “GOD save the queen,” suggests he would like to be on better terms with the royal family than he’s been thus far. (Even referring to his daughter as “Duchess Meghan” is slightly off-color — how many times in a single statement can he remind us of his connection to a royal?) But after all the trouble Thomas has caused for Meghan, and the utter disrespect he showed for the royal couple’s family, we’re not so sure the Queen will be welcoming him with open arms anytime soon.
As for the father-daughter relationship: it’s up to Meghan how she’ll receive his comments, and we should keep in mind that she did have family by her side for the birth. As noted in the official royal announcement of Baby Sussex’s birth, “the Duchess’s mother, Doria Ragland, who is overjoyed by the arrival of her first grandchild, is with Their Royal Highnesses at Frogmore Cottage.” So, not only does Meghan have a parent close by, but clearly her mother has been welcomed by the royals, to the point that they note her involvement to the public.
If Thomas Markle wants to be close to his grandchild, he may eventually succeed in getting Meghan to soften toward him. But the royal family could take longer to come back around.

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