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This is Exactly When We’ll Get Our First Look at Itty, Bitty Baby Boy Sussex

Mark your calendars to (checks watch) exactly two days from now, because that’s when we’ll meet our youngest Windsor royal!

It was a big day for Meghan, Duchess of Sussex and Prince Harry! The two welcomed their baby boy early Monday morning less than an hour after Buckingham Palace confirmed Meghan was in labor. Following the official announcement and celebratory Instagram posts on the couple’s official account @sussexroyal, Harry spoke with reporters outside Frogmore Cottage, his new home with Meghan in Windsor.

Speaking with reporters outside a horse stable, new dad Prince Harry was absolutely giggle and could barely contain his excitement when asked about his son. “It was amazing, absolutely incredible, and I’m so incredibly proud of my wife. As every father and parent will ever say your baby is absolutely amazing, but this little thing is absolutely to-die-for, so I’m just over the moon.”

Harry also dropped some key information about when the world will finally get a look at Baby Boy Sussex and his brand new mama, and when we’ll finally get a name.

“Still thinking about names. The baby’s a little bit overdue so we’ve had a little bit of time to think about it but that’s the next bit,” Harry said, excitedly rubbing his hands together. “We’ll be seeing you guys in two days time as planned as a family to be able to show you guys so everyone can see the baby.”

The couple made global headlines last month when they announced their plan to eschew the postpartum photocall on hospital steps for a more private celebration as a family instead. This is in direct contrast with Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge and Prince William’s experience. One area where they are keeping with tradition is the delay in announcing the baby’s name. Per Cosmopolitan, William and Kate announced George and Charlotte’s name two days after they were born, and Louis’ a whole four days after.

As if the video wasn’t adorable enough to begin with, Prince Harry then turns to thank the horses as he walks away smiling ear-to-ear. We’re not crying, you are!

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