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Ashton Kutcher Will Likely Testify Against the Man Who Murdered His Ex-Girlfriend

Ashton Kutcher has spent some time testifying on important matters, but his next likely court appearance could be one of the most important yet. Kutcher might testify in the trial of Michael Gargiulo, an alleged serial killer who has come to be known as the “Hollywood Ripper.” A spokesperson for the Los Angeles County Superior Courts commented earlier this week that Kutcher is “expected to testify” in order to help establish a timeline in the 2001 murder of 22-year-old Ashley Ellerin, who Kutcher had only been dating a short time before she was killed.

Gargiulo is currently charged with two counts of murder and one count of attempted murder. According to E! News, Kutcher is apparently a key witness against Gargiulo and his previous testimony could be crucial to working out the timeline of Ellerin’s murder, wherein she was stabbed a brutal 47 times.

According to Kutcher’s statement to the police more than a decade ago, he and Ellerin had planned to attend a 2001 Grammy Awards party together which was scheduled for the night she died. Kutcher changed his mind, instead choosing to go to a viewing party for That ’70s Show, which was in its third season at the time; Ellerin had not been invited to the viewing party. It’s unclear which event Kutcher and Ellerin were going to go to, but Kutcher recalls going over to Ellerin’s house on that fateful night to pick her up.

Kutcher arrived at the fashion student’s apartment around 10:45 pm local time and knocked several times but Ellerin didn’t answer. He recalled looking through the window and seeing what he thought was a pool of spilled red wine. It turned out that was actually Ellerin’s blood. Kutcher left the premises and it was Ellerin’s roommate who eventually discovered her body.

Ellerin’s murder went unsolved for years before police were able to connect her murder to the murders of 32-year-old Maria Bruno and the attempted murder of Michelle Murphy in 2008. Once Gargiulo’s trial concludes in Los Angeles, he will be sent back to Illinois to stand trial for the murder of his alleged first victim, Tricia Pacaccio. Per a statement shared by the Associated Press (as reported by the New York Times): “One of Gargiulo’s attorneys has previously said Gargiulo denies any involvement in the killings and that though he lived near all the victims, that doesn’t make him guilty.”

Kutcher has not released a statement on his plans to testify or his involvement in this case.

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