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George Clooney Reveals Amal Banned Him From This Dangerous Hobby

George Clooney is officially hanging up his motorcycle jacket for good because his wife, Amal Clooney, has laid down the law about this dangerous hobby. While promoting his new Hulu series Catch-22, Clooney revealed Amal has forbidden him from motorcycles altogether. What will good ol’ Clooney get up to now?

While at a Catch-22 panel at the DGT Theater in New York City on Wednesday, Clooney reveals his hog-riding days are officially done.

“I’m not allowed to ride motorcycles,” Clooney shared with the crowd. “I got into a really bad accident. I hit a guy at 70 miles an hour on my bike. Got launched. And so that’s it, I’m off of bikes.”

Clooney also shared that his friend and Catch-22 producer Grant Heslov is in the same boat, so at least these buddies can search for a new hobby together: “Grant’s off. We screwed up and our wives were like, ‘You can never get on a bike again.'”

We’re glad to see that Amal stepped in before something bad happened; Clooney is precious cargo! We can’t have our favorite salt-and-pepper father of two risk his life when he has so much else going for him, can we?

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Back in July 2018, Clooney was hospitalized in Italy following a scary scooter accident. Clooney’s scooter was reportedly hit by a car while he was driving near the city of Olbia on the island of Sardinia. Local authorities reported at the time that Clooney was taken to a hospital and given an MRI but he was not “seriously injured.” An Olbia police officer additionally told Us Weekly at the time that “the driver immediately recognized he was responsible. He turned the car without respecting the road laws. He was the first to call the emergency services and the police.”

Clooney has luckily made a full recovery but we are so glad those motorcycle days are over. Maybe it’s time to explore needlepoint or scrapbooking?

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