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Twitter Livid As British Media Attacks Meghan Markle, Stays Silent On Prince William Rumors

Prince William may be in line for the throne — but Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are clearly king when it comes to social media. Alongside their record-breaking Instagram account, the Sussex pair has captured the hearts of Twitter users worldwide, who are currently overflowing with outrage at the disparate media treatment of Meghan and William. In recent weeks, rumors of William cheating on Kate Middleton have spread far and wide, which the British media has entirely ignored. When it comes to Meghan, however, no detail is too small to criticize, and Twitter is sick and tired of this double standard.

The British media has criticized Meghan on countless fronts in recent weeks. First, it was her refusal to pose for a photoshoot immediately after giving birth. Then, she was under fire for missing the Easter Sunday service. And even just today, she’s been criticized for not using the title “Princess” when addressing a 4-year-old royal on social media. What is going on?

When it comes to the rumors that William cheated on Kate with Rose Hanbury, however, the British media has been almost completely silent. This could be partly due to the fact that William has threatened legal action against British outlets who have mentioned the rumor, but it also fits into a larger pattern of media bias against Meghan. Even rumors of a feud between Harry and William — which many now suspect had to do with the alleged Hanbury affair — were partly pinned on Meghan, with British tabloids suggesting William was unhappy with his brother’s whirlwind romance.

Obviously, we’re not advocating for the British media to start publishing more unsubstantiated rumors — and the cheating allegations against William certainly fall into that category. It would be nice, though, if they could apply a similar filter to their reporting when considering allegations and criticisms against Meghan, and stop with the onslaught of complaining about her every move. If the royal family won’t stand up for Meghan during this time, at least we know that Twitter has her back.

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