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Gemma Whelan Breastfeeding in Full Yara Greyjoy Costume is the Most Yara Move Yet

Warning: This article is dark and full of Game of Thrones Season 8 spoilers.

Even a casual viewer of Game of Thrones knows Yara Greyjoy is a badass warrior deserving of her newest title of Queen of the Iron Islands. But today, actress Gemma Whelan — who plays Yara on the HBO series — showed who inspired whom when she posted a candid Instagram photo of her nursing her baby daughter in between takes. Covered in fake dirt and sweat and in full Yara costume, Whelan smiles sweetly at the camera as she breastfeeds her baby in what must be a trailer on set. “Enjoy tonight’s episode guys…! Yara’s got some big news…🤱🦑 👊🏼,” she captioned the photo ahead of Sunday night’s epic episode.

Being a working mom to an infant is already hard enough, but nursing moms have to deal with a whole other set of challenges. That means, where Whelan went, so did her daughter. Commenters and fans dropped in by the thousands to wish her well, coo at the baby and her adorable cupcake onesie and to offer Whelan condolences for her brother, err, Theon’s heroic death on episode 3, “The Long Night.” As PopSugar noticed, one commenter left without a doubt the funniest line of all, playing on the Greyjoy motto, “What is dead may never die” to “What is fed may never cry.” [Insert slow clap here, please.]

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She's having a clear out

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Whelan who welcomed her daughter in 2017 with partner Gerry Howell, previously revealed she was afraid to tell showrunners of The Crown that she was pregnant while filming. “I was five months pregnant when I was doing [The Crown] and I didn’t tell them because I was too scared,” she said to Sky News in 2017. “See this is the thing, of women in film and TV, I was too scared to tell them at the time I was pregnant in case I lost the job, and of course when I did tell them they were so celebratory,” she added.

One day, when Whelan’s baby girl is old enough to binge watch GOT, she can look back fondly at this photo and know she took some part in an epic show that made her mom a household name.

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