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Is Tyrion Lannister In Love With Sansa Stark?

Warning: This article is dark and full of Game of Thrones season eight spoilers.

No matter how war-torn Westeros becomes, it seems Game of Thrones fans cannot stop hoping that Sansa Stark will get a love story before it’s all through. While last week had us guessing at Theon Greyjoy’s intentions (RIP), this week our sights are set on Tyrion Lannister. Sansa and Tyrion shared a rather emotional moment down in the crypts — could it be that Sansa is having second thoughts about her (favorite) ex-husband?

Sansa and Tyrion have both changed dramatically since they were last in close quarters with one another. Forced to marry, the young Sansa was disgusted by Tyrion, while Tyrion resented the marriage due to his ongoing relationship with Shae. In the years after, Sansa was tortured by Ramsay Bolton and emerged as a hardened Lady of Winterfell. Tyrion lost the love of his life, pledged allegiance to Daenerys Targaryen and has been accused of losing his edge in recent years — most recently by Sansa herself.

We have to admit that the pair makes sense as a match. While Tyrion is the character most frequently praised for his wise words, Sansa has slowly been taking over that role, with Arya calling her “the smartest person [she] knows,” and both Littlefinger and Jon Snow being captivated by her newfound savvy. And Tyrion is in dire need of some clear-headed advice at the moment, as his relationships to the other Lannister siblings continue to complicate his role as Dany’s Hand of the Queen.

We cannot say, however, that this was a wholly romantic moment between the two. Sansa remarks that they can do “nothing” to help against the army of the undead above, and Tyrion admires the sentiment: “Maybe we should have stayed married,” he quips. But given both of their certainty that they’ll die in the coming moments — particularly after the crypt’s skeletons are re-animated and attacking — it seems more likely that this is a moment of connection between two people who can see the good in one another. Tyrion kissing Sansa’s hand is certainly poignant, but more so because they’re taking courage from each other in that moment. If and when Sansa gets her love story, we think the moment will be grander.

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