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Hold Up: Is the Night King on Game of Thrones Actually a Targaryen?

Is it possible we don’t know everything there is to know about one of the main villains on Game of Thrones? (Yes, obviously.) But that doesn’t stop us from theorizing, and with so much secret Targaryen lineage coming to light early on in season eight, it stands to reason GoT could reveal the Night King to be a Targaryen as well. Fans of the show have believed for some time there’s more to the Night King than his desire to plunge Westeros into the Long Night, and that he is, in fact, of Targaryen lineage. Let’s break down the evidence, shall we?

We’re only two episodes into season eight and we already have two Targaryens in the mix: Daenerys Targaryen and Jon Snow, er, Aegon Targaryen (but we’ll refer to him as Jon for the sake of continuity). It’s long been believed that with three dragons on GoT, three characters with the ability to control them would also emerge. They would have a distinct advantage on the battlefield, pointing to the possibility that together, they could rule Westeros practically unchallenged. Meanwhile, members of House Targaryen are the only ones known to have a preternatural bond with dragons (the three-headed dragon is literally the family’s house sigil), and — as far as we know — only members of that clan would be able to commandeer them. We’ve already seen Dany and Jon ride them in season eight, so it could lead to the conclusion that the Night King has some Targaryen blood in him because he was able to ride Viserion, aka, the ice dragon. The one hiccup in this piece of evidence is that the Night King actually created the ice dragon and controls him, much like he controls the rest of the White Walkers. Which means there could be a feasible alternate explanation that undermines the whole theory.

But the other piece of evidence has everything to do with the spiral symbol widely associated with the White Walkers. In season eight, we see the symbol appear at the Umber family homestead, The Last Hearth. Little Ned Umber has been turned into a White Walker by the Night King after Ned’s home was ravaged by the White Walker army and he was left pinned to a wall with pieces of the Umber army arranged into a spiral. As Looper points out in their YouTube video theory, the spiral symbol has appeared in past seasons: When the signs of White Walkers appeared to the Night’s Watch beyond the wall; when the White Walkers killed the horses of the Night’s Watch and arranged the body parts into a spiral as a warning; in two key shots picked out by Looper from past GoT seasons, Dany and Jon have each been shown in an overhead shot, seemingly encircled and overwhelmed by spirals of people; and, most interestingly, the Targaryen house sigil bears a striking, spiral-like resemblance to the White Walker spiral symbol.

Looper also points out that the Night King, when he was a human and member of the First Men in Westeros, could be Dany and Jon’s ancestor since the Targaryens didn’t settle in Westeros until thousands of years after the battle between the First Men and the Children of the Forest. There was never any evidence of this in GoT‘s depiction of the Children of the Forest creating the Night King, but hey, anything’s possible.

So, is the Night King a Targaryen? We’ll have to wait a little longer to find out, but the evidence is definitely compelling.

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