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The Big Bang Theory Cast Shares an Emotional Behind-the-Scenes Look at Final Table Read

Grab your tissues because the time has finally come for the cast of The Big Bang Theory to officially start saying goodbye to the show, costars and crew. Earlier this week, cast members like Johnny Galecki, Kaley Cuoco and Melissa Rauch posted photos onto Instagram of the final TBBT table read and the final days on set. The posts were touching, offering fans a look at how things are going as the series winds down after more than a decade on the air.

We know that it’s been getting emotional on the set of TBBT as the show winds down production, but these newest photos from the final table read and final days on set are totally wrecking us. Galecki was among the first cast members to post photos from the table read on his Instagram, showing a tender moment where it looks like he’s trying to keep from crying too much. Understandably, this is difficult to do but it’s also sweet to see him letting the emotions fly free.

“This morning was not an easy one,” Galecki captioned the photo. “The final table reading for @bigbangtheory_cbs. So very sad. So very grateful.”

Cuoco was similarly verklempt and she didn’t hold back from sharing her raw emotions from the final table read on her own Instagram. She posted two photos, one from after the table read and one taken during the table read. The first shows her standing, embracing her final TBBT script and closing her eyes as she cries (I just want to give her a hug!).

“Post table read for @bigbangtheory_cbs finale episode,” Cuoco captioned the photo and honestly, no more words are needed because the photo speaks for itself. It’s easy to see the Cuoco will be among the TBBT alums who will have the toughest time saying goodbye to the show but we totally empathize with why it’s so tough. This show has been a major part of her life and career for the past 10-plus years; you can’t just move on like it’s not a big deal.

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Post table read for @bigbangtheory_cbs finale episode

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Cuoco also posted a picture from the actual table read, which includes many tissues and her final script. The feelings are too much!

Rauch also chimed in with lots of photos from her final days on set, posting a particularly heartfelt photo of her and the other TBBT stars huddled together. Her caption alluded to the fact that she was just as weepy as Cuoco but wanted to focus on praising her costars for all they’ve gone through together.

“Just because I haven’t flooded my face with enough tears during/after today’s final @bigbangtheory_cbs table read…here’s a pic of our pre-show huddle last night,” Rauch wrote. “I was always picked last for every team as a kid, so getting to be a part of a huddle ~ let alone this particular huddle has been extra special. I‘ll forever cherish these moments with my TBBT brothers and sisters.”

And in one of the sweetest posts, Mayim Bialik posted a photo of her and her TV husband, Jim Parsons, hanging out after filming one of their final outdoor scenes for the show. The pair look happy (and a little sleepy), but they’re adorable all the same.

“We filmed what is likely our last outdoor scene yesterday … this was first thing in the morning and we both look a tad sleepy and my big ole face is too close to the camera but I wanted to share it anyway …” Bialik wrote, adding in the hashtag “#windingdown” to make the end of TBBT‘s production.

Things are only going to get more emotional until the final episode of TBBT airs on CBS on May 16. Prepare yourself, folks. This is going to be major.

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