New Game of Thrones Photos Tease a Harrowing Battle at Winterfell For All of Our Faves

Our blood pressure is rising fast in anticipation for Game of Thrones to finally tackle the Battle of Winterfell. But it might hit sky-high levels now that new photos for episode three have been released ahead of the episode premiere on Sunday, April 29. Only a handful of photos have been released from the episode, but what has been released will make you all kinds of nervous about the fates of your favorite characters.

The trailer for GoT episode three was enough to get your heart beating quicker than you’d expect. The Battle of Winterfell will likely take up most of the episode’s runtime as we bounce from the battlefield to the crypts to the ramparts and beyond, moving between characters as the fight the White Walkers making their way south. Big moments being teased include Arya running, bloodied, through the halls of Winterfell; Jon Snow fighting in the godswood, ostensibly protecting Bran and waiting for the Night King; Brienne leading her troops into battle with Jaime Lannister by her side; and Varys, Gilly and Sam waiting out the battle in the crypt. Things are about to get harrowing and brutal for the characters we’ve come to love so dearly over the course of this series as the Battle of Winterfell is set to change the fates of every character.

Among the most gut-wrenching of photos of are those of the characters actually on the battlefield, fighting for their lives. There’s a particularly ominous photo of Jon Snow looking up at something as fire seems to glow behind him. Given that the episode trailer teases him fighting in the godswood as he protects Bran, I’m willing to bet this won’t go well for dear old Jon!

Image: Helen Sloan/HBO.
Image: Helen Sloan/HBO.

Things also look pretty tough for Jaime and Brienne, who are the visual representation of Stanley Tucci’s iconic “Gird your loins!” line from The Devil Wears Prada. They’re going to be on the frontlines and the first point of contact for the White Walkers, which means I will be watching them fight through my fingers, hoping they survive. Jaime needs this win, Brienne needs this win and I sure as hell need this win.

Meanwhile, Tyrion and Varys looked pretty melancholy as they sit in the crypt, watching over the women, children and elderly residents of Winterfell. Tyrion’s likely upset that Daenerys has ordered him to stay in the crypt and protect everyone after lobbying to fight, but I’m hoping he gets to put that clever mind to use and find a way to distract everyone from what’s happening above ground.

Image: Helen Sloan/HBO.

Meanwhile, two photos show the many sides of Sansa Stark: low-key freaking out but trying to look chill as she makes eye contact with her assassin sister, Arya, and moody as hell, putting her thousand-yard stare to good use. Sansa’s going on an emotional rollercoaster in episode three and I’m buckling up, ready to take that ride.

Image: Helen Sloan/HBO.
Image: Helen Sloan/HBO.

Finally, there’s this curious little photo. At some point in the episode, Daenerys and Jon stand on a hill overlooking Winterfell. It’s not clear how they got there or why they’re standing together (as far as we know, Daenerys is still pissed that Jon revealed he’s a Targaryen, throwing a wrench in her plans to take the Iron Throne and remain in love with a man she now knows is her nephew). If I had to guess, this photo must be before the battle begins, since Jon looks pretty calm and collected — not at all the way he appears in the photo from the godswood. But again, I ask: why are he and Daenerys standing together? Do they quickly make up before the battle? Tell me now, GoT!

Image: Helen Sloan/HBO.

But the answers will have to wait until Sunday, April 29, when episode three of GoT hits the air. Until then, you can find me actively avoiding inducing a panic attack from staring at these photos, trying to figure out what it all means.