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We Can’t Get Enough of Kelly Ripa, Mark Consuelos & Their Kids Bantering in a Rare Family Interview

The Ripa-Consuelos family remains charming as heck in their latest interview. The entire family — Kelly Ripa, Mark Consuelos and their three children, Michael, 21, Lola, 17, and Joaquin, 16 — recently sat down with People magazine to give a rare group interview that covered the family’s beauty and style secrets, including the secrets that they’ve traded with one another over the years. Sure, there are some gems in the interview with it comes to those beauty and style secrets, but what we can’t get enough of is the banter and love that stands out amongst this quintet.

The one moment we maybe (but also definitely) love the most is featured in a video posted in People’s Instagram on Wednesday. In that video, Ripa calls out all of the men in the family, joking that each of them is capable of committing one of the worst style sins: outfit repeating.

“I will say that everyone on this sofa, with the exception of Lola, could possibly wear the same thing three days in a row,” Ripa told People. She went on to lovingly rag on Consuelos, who pointed out that he and the boys like to have copies of the same clothes they like, adding to his comment by responding, “Or maybe somebody on the extreme right [Consuelos] may have three identical of the same shirt and wear it over and over again.”

The jokes didn’t stop there. Michael chimed in with the amusing way he learned how to care for his denim.

“I was off at school,” said Michael, a rising senior in college. “And I get this call: ‘Mike. There’s a pair of jeans here. And … they’ve been washed, Michael. Washed and dried. Do you know what happened here?’ So that’s how I learned — “

“You don’t wash denim,” Consuelos finished, adding the most hilarious part of the whole anecdote: “But that wasn’t the only problem with that situation, Michael. What was the other problem? They were my jeans. You did that to my jeans!”

But amidst all of the jokes between the family during their interview, they also made time to share some really touching compliments about one another. Ripa and Consuelos, in particular, really shine in the interview with their comments about their kids and made sure to talk about what they really love about Michael, Lola and Joaquin as well as what they feel makes each of their kids so special. Ripa shared with People that Michael “has the strongest moral compass of anyone I’ve ever known” and went on to say that “he is just such a good and decent and thoroughly kind person.” Then, Michael went on to show love for Lola, saying that she is “the funniest, hands down” and Consuelos added that Lola “is just so smart and witty and funny, and she just gets it, you know? Lola knows exactly what people are about and how to handle herself in any situation.” As for Joaquin, Consuelos said that he is “the hardest working, but without complaint,” with Ripa providing a key example: “He’s the kid who will have homework over the weekend and come in and get right to it on a Friday, because he wants to have time to focus on it and get it right.”

Hands down, this celebrity family is one of our favorites, as this interview proves. But you know what? It also proves that they’re a solid family unit and for that, we’re giving them a big thumbs-up.

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